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No Quick Start Pass in 13-14 at PC resorts

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Taking a look around the PC resorts, and there's no mention of the Quick Start pass (free lift ticket for day of air arrival).


Called around and eventually Deer Valley actually answered the phone and admitted that "The Chamber has decided not to continue the program this season". Wow, this is a mistake imo.


Then again, the only time I went to DV was when I could go for free, but I did spend money on food and whatnot.


Oh well, no Quick Start this year.

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Alta/Snowbird have the "Boarding Pass" program. Not sure if this is new for this year or not, but it gets you a 50% discount on an AltaBird combo ticket within 24 hours of your arrival, so it doesn't have to be the same day if you get in late. Only problem is it's Mon-Fri only.



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What a bummer. Was planning on using that a couple of times.

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I would imagine with the animosity between Talisker/VR and Powder corp, it's hard to get anything through that requires join cooperation.  

Can't be good for PC as a whole.

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I think the program brought most people who used it to PCMR, as its the only resort with night skiing.  In my experience, by the time I flew in, waited for my skis and luggage at SLC airport, got a car / transportation to PC, and had lunch, it was well after 2 pm.  Add time to check into the hotel, unpack your stuff and change, and you have 30 minutes before closing time at the other 2 resorts.


I'm disappointed that they killed it.  Its not huge money (considering the total spent on travel, loging, ski school), but they took away one of the things that made people feel welcome at PCMR.

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Well, looks like I may never ski PC again. The only reason I ever went there was to let visiting friends/family cash in on the free ticket. Unlike in Steamboat, which used to run the same type of program, PC has night skiing, so the program was nice and flexible, not requiring an early morning flight. 


Raw deal for me anyway - driving two hours out of the way to ski PC instead of using a pass or buying a cheaper ticket at Basin or Pow Mow, where I'd usually go. But worth it to get the guests off to a good start on the cheap. I always tended to eat dinner and buy other stuff there, too. Seems like a pretty good, risk-free program as it pulled people into town that would never have gone otherwise (e.g. me and Snofun). Too bad. 

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