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I am 215, 6'2". I am a vt skier 85% time in the bumps, rest of the time in the woods. I have a nice pair of assaults which I use in the bumps once in a while, and I am currently on line mavericks which I love in the bumps as well as the woods. I am trying to figure out what my next ski should be? or should i just get another pair mavericks?
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I'm happy with my Volkl AX3's, easy in the bumps and good edge hold when I need it. I'm 195lbs 5'11" ski it in 170cm. I also like my G3's in 177cm for the same reasons.

Are you looking for something with a wide waist. Hairybones, a ski buddy is 165lbs 6' and loves his Xtra Hots in 165cm. He lives for the trees and bumps.
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