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Lutsen, MN  

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It's been years, 2006, since our last visit, w were w/o children in tow at the time. Thinking about doing a side trip this year and was looking for some input on where to stay, best time to go, etc.

We live in twin cities and take a trip out west every year. This would probably be a long weekend type of trip, ad two kids, possibly in laws who don't ski but like to cross country ski.

We stayed at Eagle Ridge and it was 'ok.' Wndering of the lodging options which one has made improvements, i.e. upgraded from polyester to cotton sheets, etc. We would get a place with a kitchen since dining options are limited and big enough for all of us to fit.

With regards to the kids, is the ski school ok. We usually put kids in all day ski school and this would be our first choice u less the experience has been abismal.

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