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Wizard, the ski you have is in fact the t-power cobra from last year, but i have to correct oboe in that it is NOT the same as this years t-power viper s. The viper S this yea is the same as the viper S last year, i went over this in another post a month ago. there is no longer a t-power cobra liek the one you just bought, rossi did away with it and kept only the t-power viper and the t-power 9s deviator, as their short slalom skis. Last years cobra has not been renamed the viper, last years t-power cobra was discontinued in this seasons lineup. hope this helps to clear some stuff up, for both you.

About a month ago i went to my shop where i get all my stuff from and asked a former rossi rep if the cobra had been renamed the viper and he said no, that the viper was the same, and the cobra had been done away with (i'm talking about only the t-power cobra and viper). Have fin on your skis, theya re some of the best skis ever built in my opinion... accept they break... but we wont get into that
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Hmm.. and yet even more confusion! I haven't had the chance to check the flex of the Cobra X vs the Viper S yet. I know that the Cobra X is supposed be softer flexing. All I know is the the Cobra X that I have is very stiff. I had a chance to flex it in the store compared to the Xscream Series, Atomic 9.22, BanditX and it way stiffer than all of these. I'll have to ask the tech at one of our local stores and see if they know what the differences are. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say :
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I still think that last year's T-Power Cobra X is one of the T-Power Vipers of this year - either the S or the X. This is from my conversation with a Rossi product manager last year. HOWEVER, as things happen at Rossi, that may have been the case then, but not the case now! I'll chek again.
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Okay, here is the story I got from a couple different sources. The Cobra X was not replaced by anything because Rossi was replacing last years Viper X with the Viper X PPS which was very similar to the Cobra X. The Viper X PPS has a more advance plate integrated into it and is basically a softer version of the Rossi GS racing ski.

By the way, I bought the Viper X PPS in a 181 for my packed snow & mogul ski. I'll let you know how it performs once we get snow.
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