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Fitting AT Boots Question/Rossi All Track Pro 130

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I am currently pondering buying AT boots as my current boots (Dalbello Scorpion sr110) are not very comfortable when skinning.


I have tried a few on to check out the walk mode and I have run into a couple of questions:


1) Are there any boots that have a similar shape to the new Rossignol All Track Pro 130 that actually have a useable walk mode? This boot almost fits perfect but the walk mode doesn't seem to really do anything with only a minor difference in ROM between ski and walk (mind you at room temperatures). The only punch I think I would need would be at the navicular in both feet, for inbounds, and length for touring, which brings me to my next question:


2) Are there any boots that have a similar shape but fit slightly longer? I seem to be right between sizes in terms of length while shell fitting (the longer size doesn't seem to change much about the fit elsewhere around my foot, ankle or leg). In the 26 I feel like my toe will hit the end while skinning but feels perfect for in-bounds while the 27 feels way too long with the liner in. I can't feel anything in the toe box in the 27 but can easily touch the end in the 26.


3) How much length can the toe be punched for in the Rossi boot before there is interference with the binding? I feel like 4-mm would make the boot fit perfect in my longer foot  and 3 or 4-mm in my shorter foot. I probably have 5-7-mm length in my longer foot in the 26 shell (hard to tell really with it being that tight) but it looks like I have almost 20-mm in the 27 (and feels like it with the liner in). My big toe is quite a bit longer than my other toes (like the Germanic toe http://imgur.com/gallery/FPubvIU)


I feel like question 1 trumps the others right now since this is intended to be a dedicated AT boot and the Rossi really seems like it is meant for <10% of your time spent touring but, the boot fits great otherwise.


I tried these on with my foot beds which are conformable and are posted. I think that I also need to have the first met elevated in order to get my foot to "stride" neutrally when skinning. Currently my ankle still hits the shell until my heel sits down on the foot bed.


I haven't seen much available in stock yet so I haven't been able to check out any other boots.


Thanks for looking.

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1)   try technica cochise 120 (100mm shape like rossi) and the cochise 130 is a 97mm and a bit lower volume


2)   odds are the 36 will work just fine


3)  few mm in both toe and heel.   The toe room is what you need, but you need to make sure the heel is back and down all the way first.   4mm should be fine.  Have you tried any boots on with your old liners?  they are already packed out, and will help you see how the a new shell with fit in the end.

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Thanks Dave.


I did not try my liner in the Rossi. My liner appeared to be much much narrower and shorter than the Rossi liner (I did actually have one of each liner on at the same time although I had not really thought about comparing them like that).


I will see about trying the Cochise as well.

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