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Hey all, I'm 5'3-5'4 and 128 pounds. I'm also on a tight budget. I ski mainly in Whistler and a smaller local mountain in Vancouver, Canada called Cypress. I'm an intermediate, prefer to ski off piste, trees and bumps. I guess my style is freeride. Only been skiing for 2 seasons, 25 days/year. Currently on 2012 Blizzard Magnum 76mm and 156 cm (or maybe 158 cm), looking for something better on deep powder and off piste. I'm contemplating to either get a 2nd skis for powder and keep my current skis or buy another all mountain skis for west coast and sell my current skis.


I'm kind of thinking about these two: 2012 Scott Crusade 159 cm ( ) or 2013 Line Skis Youth 155 cm ( ).


Any suggestions which skis will suit me best? I'm also open for other skis < 160 cm and wider than 76mm. Also, any suggestions for the bindings, preferably lightweight?  Thanks.