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New Volkl's

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Has anyone skied the new Volkl 2004/2005 mid fat EXP 724 I think?? I think it is a 76 or 77 wide mid fat.
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My son skied it last Saturday and said it had more life then my AX3's, was quick edge to edge and liked big air. I see your new here, my son is 16y/o x-racer out of Okemo's team after 6 years on it and now teaches. He knows what he likes and skis at a higher level then most of us will ever be able to achieve. If he liked it I'm sure it's enough ski for us. I happened to be riding the lift over him as he was flying down the run. I could tell he trusted the ski.
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Specs on the 724 are 114/74/92 - narrower in the tail than the AX3 but wider in the waist and tip... the EXP is a blast!
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