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Ski Make: Stockli
Ski Model:Stormrider XL Offroad
Ski Length:174
Snow Conditions Used In: off-piste powder and crud, on piste hardpack
Number of Days Used:3
Your Ability:expert (just about)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:21
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: generally only 10 but skied 110 days one season
Other Skis You Like:Atomic R9/9.22
Your Height/Weight:5'9", 185lbs
Have been skiing 9.22 at 180 for four seasons. Planned to test R11, B2 as well as Stormrider XL but didn't get past the first test.
strengths - edge grip on the hard pack, very stable through the crud, plenty of float in powder. I expected them to be good off-piste but was very impressed by their on-piste performance - felt like a high performance GS
weaknesses - none really except that these are stiff - noticeable on landings and if you hit the tops of moguls

These skis have a reputation as being very demanding but I think anyone with sound technique would enjoy them.