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Welcome all! 


While I'm a regular reader to the forum this is my first post. Then I'll jump right into it. I need your advice on the best one-ski quiver for me.


I'm 29, advanced skier, up till this season I was mainly skiing on slalom carvers, for several consecutive years my pick was Fischer World Cup RC4. I liked the ski for its stability, full control it gave on groomers, no matter how steep the slop was I could always keep the same constant pace carving even through raw ice - this ski really does hold an edge and is amazing.

This season I think I need something different. I've been always looking into you guys that turn around and disappear somewhere in the trees and powder. I want to learn something new this season so I thought I could taste some off-piste skiing. Off-piste is however not my only goal. I want a ski that could also handle bumps/trees and groomers. I 'll be skiing mainly in Italy or Austria this year (planning 20 days there)


I've been doing some research and found two interesting skis: Bushwacker and Kabookie.

Considering the fact I am very skinny, 140 ibs at 6", what length would you recommend for me?
I am more targeted towards Kabookie, are they very different from Bushwacker as far as its capabilites on groomers are concerned?
Is there any other all-mountain skis you could recommend for the guy like me?