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Heluva.......I couldn't believe how bad they were. Poor edge hold on firm snow, slow turning, no rebound. The most lifeless unispiring piece of junk I've ever been on.
And the Atomics were the worst on my other list.
You just made me feel much better.....I thought there was something wrong with me or my skiing not liking Volkls......
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Sometimes light people dont like Volkl or Atomic, but when i skied Volkls i found them to be too soft rather than too stiff. Atomics are just stupidly stiff... but that rant is for another discussion. The newer Volkls are very stiff. I think the reason for Volkl becoming one of the #1 ski brands is marketing and accessibility. They are everywhere. Shops and reps push them on everyone.

Companies like Fischer make skis that are just as good (better in most cases) but they just dont have the following the Volkl does. Volkl has built a reputation for their skis. They could produce absolute sh*t and people would buy it because it says Volkl (exaggeration but look at the last time they changed the G3 other than graphics - Salomon did the same thing with the Xscream which i think they are STILL making). 99% of volkl skiers also think they have the best skis on earth - even if they are only on a G3/AX3. Most people that ski Volkls - ski only Volkls, and refuse to try other brands.

They certainly arent the worst company out there (i mean really who skis on K2's for performance) but there are much better choices as well as cheaper choices. I dislike them, but i make it a point to try them every so often to see if they have changed for the better. A ski like the 6-star is a great ski, but the S12 Fusion and RX8 are cheaper and perform at the same level or higher. It would be nice to see people hop off and ski something other than a 5 star, 6 star, or G3... lift lines are getting boring these days.



EDIT: signed my name twice... der
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I want to try the IDONESKI mogul of Janne Lahtela......anybody demoed those?

I skied the Rossi 7M everywhere and it was great
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Maybe the best pair of skis I have owned were the Volkl G-30's from a few years back. I didn't know Volkl had poor market share in the 80's. I thought their P-9 series was the yardstick other skis were compared to, and this propelled the brand to where it is today.
I don't run gates; so I am completely unqualified to render any opinion regarding Volkl's race worthiness. But when I survey the equipment I have seen on the hill this year, I think the 6 Stars with the Tecnica boot is a pretty hard setup to beat .
I don't have either, but if I could go to a shop and pick out what I wanted I would probably choose the 6 Star, Tecnica ICON or better yet the new Diablo, and the Marker Piston.
Volkl has been very successful building brand recognition. Skiers associate their products as being high quality. Maybe the German heritage, the link to German cars , has something to do with it. Sounds stupid ,but who knows. Not everybody that skis is as informed as people on this forum.
I see a lot of people who have the funds to buy any gear choosing Volkl.
Beside the fact Volkl has created excellent channels of distribution, there has to be an explanation why. Perception is everything.
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I love my AX3's 170cm more then my G3's 177cm. I had fun on my son's Pocket Rockets 165cm last Saturday. I skied my Atomic 10EX's 177cm last Sunday. A buddy skied my AX3's last Sunday and said he could see why I liked them. I fine them easy to ski and very comfortable. He normally skis the Elan S12 this season. He has skied all my Volkls over the years and likes how easy they are to ski. He's even owned a few.
I have demoed other skis this season some of the stand outs are the Atomic M2Tron B5 in 162CM, Unity EX 165cm by Ogasaka www.ogasakaski.com. If you get chance to try Ogasaka's, do it!

Another buddy who is BIG, skis the 724 pro in 177cm and enjoys it.

Badgerman, you said, "177cm to short and slow edge to edge". How can that be, short skis are easier to turn them long skis.
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Hmmm : Badgerman I have totally different feeling about 724 Pro (5’ 10” 180lb)
I ski them in 177and all I can say is; I love power, rebound and the edge hold on this babies. But there is one thing about them you have to be in the driver seat at all times or they feel dead and not responsive.
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BobasEB, what other skis the same size as the 724 have you skied on/tried? Also, how do you ski - do you carve two railroad tracks in the snow, or are you more prone to sliding the skis? Be honest, ill reply with reasoning for the questions after their answers.
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I’m definitely hard charging carver but I do slide skis if situation requires that kind of maneuver.
I did try 184cm and 170cm
Well 184 was too much work for me but I can’t say that I didn’t like it, 170cm felled a little easier to handle then 177cm, IMHO perfect for east coast skiing.
I think 177cm it is perfectly balanced for some one like me (weight, height and ability)
If I weren’t moving out west 170cm would be my choice.
I admit I’m Volkl person but I do have other skis. I’m a proud owner of Fischer World Cup SC I got this just because Volkl P50 SC sucked and no other ski felled as good as Fischer, and I have Atomic 10 EX but only because Volkl G4 was to expensive.

You should try 2005 Volkl Superspeed, SC, GS I found them way different then Volkls from passed 3-4 years you may possibly like new Volkl

Edit: Setup with rossignol gs plate and rossi power 140

[ April 02, 2004, 01:07 PM: Message edited by: BobasEB ]
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Typically i find that people who skid midway through their turns like volkl because theya re so stiff. Thus they have great edgehold when you skid them. I know a guy (volkl skier) who took a brand new pair of Elan GSX's and detuned about 8 inches of the tip and 6 inches of the tail because he coudlnt slide them (they carved too much according to him). Those of us who witnessed this atrocity to skis figured out why after skiing on some volkls. Anyhow, due to how stiff volkls are many people who skid turns like them. Typically these are people who have bought Volkls since they skied the old P20's... or even before then... a lot of them still ski them the same way they skied the P20's...

And yes, the entire P50 series sucked.

Arent the 724 Pro and the G4 the same ski essentially?? Personally i liked the graphics of the old G41 the best (GREEN!).



YAY 1000 Posts!
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Originally posted by HeluvaSkier:
Typically i find that people who skid midway through their turns like volkl because theya re so stiff. Thus they have great edgehold when you skid them.
That's a very interesting comment, Heluva. Your disdain for Volkls comes through loud and clear. Fair enough, as people can have different preferences. However, I am confused as to what exactly your beef is with Volkls, because earlier in this same thread, you said:
....when i skied Volkls i found them to be too soft rather than too stiff.
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The too soft comment applies to the P50 series. They remedied this with the P60 skis i think. FLex a P50 SC next to a P60 SC. There is a huge difference. Their freeride skis are often stiffer than most other companies skis. Their race skis seem to lack the beef that other skis have. They are butter smooth, but thats about all you get from them.

ps. sorry for the mix up
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Skied both Fischer RX8 and Volkl 5 star recently.
Both fun skis, but Fischer seems to be more comfortable at higher speeds. Both like to be ridden hard for best carves and performance. Oh, BTW I just bought both skis. Will keep you posted. I really can't lose at $450 for new RX8 and $499 for 5 Star now can I???????
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I found that I could not steer the tips on the 724 like other skis I've owned in spite of the short length. I found very little rebound response when loaded in short or long radius turns. I'm 6'0" 195.
They were a pain in the bumps too........
Pretty mediocre ski in my estimation.
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I'm assuming by your name that you are from the land of cheese. If that is correct, you have to remember, in the age of highly specialized skis, to get the intended performance, you need to ski them in the intended conditions. The 724 Pro is a mid-fat ski designed for soft snow. It performs very well on the groomed.... assuming we're talking western groomers. In Wisconsin, you are skiing mostly on man made snow, bordering on ice.

I have a pair of G4's that I got right before I went on a trip to Jackson Hole. We skied 4 days out there and didn't see a flake of new snow . I spent a decent amount of time on the groomers making fast GS turns and I was blown away by their "hard snow" performance. I came back to Michigan, and was telling my buddy that the G4s had race ski type stability and grip. Well, he tried them and said "what the hell are you talking about?" I took them for a run and at that point I realized the difference between Western hardpack and Michigan Hardpack. The G4's totally SUCKED. I couldn't believe they were the same skis I loved so much at Jackson.

Anyway, my point is, there are lot's of great skis out there, but there is ALWAYS a type of condition that they work best.

By the way, I LOVE those 724 Pro's.
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For what its worth, I think Volkl has undergone a transformation over the last few years. My P20 RS Supers were about as close to a top race ski as you could buy off the shelf. The P30's RS Supers were kind of wimpy and the P50 GSRs I own are little more than a high end recreational ski. There used to be little distinction between their retail race skis and those selected for the race circuit. Now there are distinct race stock models and there are "race" models.
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I haven't touched a midwest slope since 1973.
Skied Big Sky, Bridger Bowl, Snowbird, JH,Solitude, Targhee. I've skiied several diff skis......thought the 724 were close to the bottom of the barrel.....Think my old Rossi 7m were better in soft.....sorry....just did not like the ski.
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Hey Sprspeedgal, you seem to know your stuff when it comes to Volkl's. I was at Stowe a few Saturdays ago, around March 20th, and I recognized a dashing couple out on the mountain with the new Superspeeds on. The guy had a yellow jacket on and the lady had a powder blue jacket and black ski pants. That wouldn't have been you, would it?
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Originally posted by U.P. Racer:
Hey, Matteo..... you aren't fooling anyone with your new name
Ehe, I know
I've changed back to...Matteo, but still think that Nobody was funnier

P.S. sorry for not answering earlier, I lost my pointers to topics (read my memory)

As for Voelkl, I owe 2 pair of old P9 205cm RS super, and after a decadde, ae somewhat still stiff.
South of the Alps (Dolomites and the like) people mostly ski groomed runs, and usually snow conditions, from what I read here, are more similar to East coast ice than everything else, hence Voelkl reputation for holding ice helped the company sales.
I thought the Superspeed might be a good choice for a 50-50 ski but, I see that it's being presented as a variation of a GS ski (BTW "GS"
off the shelf skis are still the most solt here).
Will have to demo to see.
Another thing I like in Voelkl is their durability, or their characteristic to deliver
similar performance season after season.
Some of my friends here noticed that off-the-shelf Rossis, just to name one brand, had the tendency to perform very well the first season, and then suffered a noticeable drop in "performances" right from the second season.
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Ski Make: volkl 724 exp
Ski Model:724 exp
Ski Length:170
Snow Conditions Used In: spring frozen and corn
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability: expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:44
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25
Other Skis You Like: volkl g3, exploseve(fat boy)
Your Height/Weight: 5"6/154lb
Comments: WOW! Jusat as stable at speedas my 184 Volkl g3. This 2004/05 modle is a little softer than last years 724 ax4. Carved high speed gs on frozen groomers in the am and nice in the corn too. 20 of us instructors tried this, the new 7star and a couple of other ne Volkls and we ALL liked the exp for a great allaround one quiver tool. Easy turn initiation, flest comfortalbe on the first run. Being 170cminstead of 184 made it much quicker and easier to ski big moguls on my 54 year old knees. Believe it was a 74 wiast. Its on my smas list for next year
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Hey Sprspeedgal, you seem to know your stuff when it comes to Volkl's. I was at Stowe a few Saturdays ago, around March 20th, and I recognized a dashing couple out on the mountain with the new Superspeeds on. The guy had a yellow jacket on and the lady had a powder blue jacket and black ski pants. That wouldn't have been you, would it?

Rats - wish it was...those lucky dogs are friends of mine..but I was relegated to the sidelines for the end of the season. Hung the Speeds up a couple of weeks after I got them :-(

Love this thread - it's amazing how passionate folks can be about brands. For my 2cents..every company makes good skis and bad skis (some companies more than others). The fact that every company makes their skis with different characteristics just means that there is a ski out there to suit every individual.

Myself, I love the Volkls -- keep in mind that in their five or six different series, there are different constructions and quirks to each line. Lastly, a ski that is wider under foot would naturally be slower edge to edge (to get edge to edge you need to cross the width of the ski) and bulkier in the bumps than a ski that is narrower in the waist (less distance to travel across the width of the ski).

Coffee time!
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I have found the 724 pro to be a great mid-fat for the bumps, for the way I ski the bumps. In theory they are too stiff for bumps. 724 pro is not a bump ski, but I don't buy bump skis. They do a wide range of turns well. They hold on ice and are great in crud and powder with the understanding that they are not a powder ski.

It is true that you need to be in the right spot on this ski - but the spot is large. They give a great pop and are lively all around.

So I can ski the bumps at Mad River as well as the trees in nasty conditions. I can almost keep up with my buddies on race skis. Its a real good ski for me.

Oh, one more thing - I broke them jumping in the terrain park.
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I propose a Volkl/Atomic addiction rehab forum for you junk users......
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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own preferences. Personally, I love my Volkl's, but I also loved my Rossi's. Years ago I was a diehard K2 fan. Just like in a lot of other things, you have to pick the one that suits you best.
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Now, now ,now, let's not be trying to start something hear. Everyone has a right to there own opinion. Us Volkl and Atomic people can't help it if you guys just don't get it. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

I have also liked K2's I had a pair of K2 Fours. I've had Dynastar G9's. I enjoyed my demo of the Dynastar 8000. I like X'tra hots. I also liked the Ogasaka Unity EX. That may be may next ski. Though I don't need any more skis right now.
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I am thrilled with my Volkl G4s. They have great edge hold and are totally stable at speed. While they will not forgive mistakes, they do thoroughly reward good technique. The faster you go and the harder you push it the happier the ski and the skier. These are the second pair of Volkls I have owned. Volkl Crossrangers were the second shaped ski I had, however I grew out of these.
Volkl seems to have a reputation that drives their price up. I'm happy when I can find slightly used demos for much less than new retail.
In reference to other comments, variety is a good thing. I enjoy many different skis and am happy for anyone that enjoys what they are skiing on. Without a variety of skis it would be like that Sylvester Stallone movie where every restaurant is Taco Bell.
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