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Volkl RTM 84 vs Atomic Crimson TI

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      I know they are different in width and shovel, RTM is rockered, Crimson is early rise. Yet would anyone know if the 2014 Crimson is a more demanding ski, needing much better technique and needs to be pushed? And since the Crimson is wider, would this be better in crud and choppy conditions?  Getting ready to ski NY and lower VT, 90% groomed trails, I know I won't need anything wider than the 84, yet worrying about end of day messy conditions. AND Windham also has a new "Glades" run, which I would like to try. Yeah, yeah, it's the Catskills, so I doubt there will be anything deep in there. I just want an idea of what size to demo. And I apologize for this question since it has been asked so many times. Oh, btw I am 6' tall, 228 lbs, HOPING to be 10+ less by end of year. And thanks to this great site, I finally narrowed down to my actual ability. I am a "Intermediate Level 5". And again, haven't skied in 10 years. Obviously will be taking private lessons the first few times on the slopes, then occasionally to move up to the advanced levels.

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I own the RTM 84. Great ski. Fun ski.

I love Volkl skis. The RTM is a beautiful ski. 

I am 6 feet 213. I got a 176 from a dealer.

You may want to go bigger, say the 183.

I am sure the Crimson is a good.

The RTM is good in 4-6 inches of new snow.

I would demo both.

Read the reviews on realskiers.com

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6'0 200 and maybe a level 7? here with the Vwerks RTM 84. I picked 181 for myself. I've demoed both 176 and 181, and felt 181 is nimble enough yet more confidence inducing for my application. I've been in a foot deep of soft stuff and I don't find them struggling, and believe or not, they bust through curds too when set on edge. I've considered Crimson too, but eventually gave them up because I don't like the nimbleness lost in the extra weight. Also my knees are a lot more comfortable with the much lighter RTM at the end of the day. One thing you may be interested in is that unlike the cambered Crimson, the full rockered RTM tend to wonder a little when set completely flat. That's another reason why I opted for the longer 181. Also being a full rocker, the RTM do not have the 'pop' when coming out of a turn. I guess that's to each and their own. I don't know if width has anything to do with crud busting capability. I think weight does. But again my knees kinda complain...Hope that helps!

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