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Short Slalom Skis

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Hello Everybody,

Finally last weekend I got a chance to test some short slalom skis (this is not a review – more how I feel about those skis).
I am intermediate eastern skier, 5’9”, 160lbs, so far 20days this winter.
Normally I ski on Atomic R9 170cm.

I tried (on hard pack and ice):
Elan S12 Fusion 160cm – liked it but did not get too excited about them
Elan S12 Fusion 168cm – after 160 it seemed too long
Fischer WorldCup SC 165cm – liked it a lot however I had more fun on SL9
Atomic SL11 164cm – too difficult for me, maybe it was too long (157cm was not available)
Atomic SL9 160cm – this is the winner for me. Fun ski and I was able to stay in control on steep ice slope where 60% of people were fighting for their lives.

I still want to try Volkl 5* and Rossi 9S Oversize.
Anybody could compare SL9 and 9S Oversize?

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I demoed the 5* 168cm and the P60 in 155cm. The 5* is a great ski, I can see why so many people like it. Now the P60 SL has one thing in mind. It will make your legs tired if you ski it the way it was designed. Quick tight fall line turns. Lots of energy but no surprizes. Handles speed well too. I didn't ski slow on this ski.

JaceK, IMO you will want to stay in the 157cm range for this type of ski.

BTW the 5* is not a SL ski.
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I gotta tell you Max, that's what I thought about the P60 on my first run in December, but I am in LOVE with that ski. I've put about 100 days on it now and love it for everything. Bumps and even Powder if you can believe it.
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I have not really thought about P60 but now I want to try them.
It will have to wait at least a week though since we got some snow.
This weekend is my R9’s turn.
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Wrong Elan's!

Try the SLX! Much better!!!
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Jacek....You tried the Atomic SL9 at 160 and the Fischer WCSC at 165 and like the Atomic better...I think you would at your weight and ability level.

Now....go back and try the Fischer WCSC at 155.

I am 6'2" and 220 fully clothed *Feel better skiing that way* and ski the WCSC at 155.

This ski is a hoot!!

It loves to carve pure 9m turns while replenishing your adrenaline supply.

You DO have to ride them with SHARP edges!!

Do NOT detune tips and tails...keep razor sharp all along the edge from tip to tail. Many times, demo skis are detuned or lack sharp edges. This condition will give you an unfavorable response. Check the edges before demoing and do not accept skis that are dull. You will not get the correct response from them, unless you are skiing spring conditions like we now have. In this stuff, you can use old wooden planks and still carve.
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Originally posted by Schussboelie:
Wrong Elan's!

Try the SLX! Much better!!!
Better yet, try the Elan HCX, if you don't consider yourself an accomplished expert.
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I don't know about the Elan HCX but I can vouch for the SLX World Cup. Great ski but definitely an expert's ski. Compared to recreational models they are heavy but carve, hold an edge and carry speed beautifully!
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