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Cleaning out the proverbial ski closet in order to covet and buy something new ;)


Rossi Temptation 82s, length 152, mounted with Z10 Tis. Very light set up. I got these last season, skied them about 8 times. One base scratch that has been repaired - no performance issues. Other than that, very lightly used, look great, and in fantastic condition. BSL is 262 I think (they're set for my 21.0 Dalbello Chakras, and I'm pretty sure the BSL is 262 - it's been awhile, so if I'm wrong about that, someone please correct me!). They currently have storage wax on them (hence the smudgy bases). They have both tip and tail rocker. Currently asking for $400 + $30 shipping  (if you're in the Bay Area, we could arrange a local pick-up), but I'm open to offers - just PM me.