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Sunday River - 10/27/13

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Sunday River was clearly not bringing their A game today, but any skiing in October is good skiing. They had one trail (T-2) open from the top to the mid-station.


Conditions were very spring-like. I brought my Nordica Enforcers at 98mm underfoot and appreciated the extra width. Coverage was pretty good, but also quite bumped up near the summit. Toward the mid-station coverage was very thin. They actually had a guy shoveling snow across the mud patches so that you could ski across. Kudos and many thanks for that (picture attached). Regardless of this there were a LOT of rocks coming through toward the mid-station by late morning. It was basically a thin layer of slush over rocks and reedy grass.



It was too warm to make snow overnight, and first chair was 9am. The line peaked at about 12-15 people from 9:30 - 10:30. By 11am a mass exodus was underway and the downloading line was much longer than any other lift line of the day. By this point there was zero lift line to go uphill and there were very few people left skiing.


Lift tickets were only $29 and worth every penny for October. I'd definitely do it again, but you need to go there with very low expectations so early in the season.


They look to want to be top to bottom with expanded terrain for next weekend. They blew snow on a handful of other trails that they simply could not get open in time for this weekend. Weather looks good for the next few days, but late week is questionable. They'll really need to push it for the next few days to get the snow on the trail, but temperatures may actually get there if they really want it.

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That's pretty darn cool.  I didn't know they were going to open. 

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