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Blackcomb in May

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Is there good skiing to be had on Blackcomb at the start/middle of May? Whistler will be closed by then but Blackcomb doesn't close until the end of May.

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Depends on what you mean by good. You're not going to be finding bottomless powder that's for sure.


Since I teach at a smaller mountain in Vancouver, I'm usually all tied up until April and May, so I'm usually stuck with making my Whistler trips around that time of the year.  I've found it's a bit of a gamble at times. But if you're willing to accept that sometimes the snow is going to be a bit on the slushier side, you can get some good skiing in. Around that time of the year, the crowds are very small and the weather is usually fantastic. Bring lots of sunscreen!

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Blackcomb can be nice in May.   If its sunny and/or warm (above 12c) in valley will be spring skiing often all the way to valley after it softens up. If its cool (under 7c) and raining in the valley you will get fresh snow in the alpine but usually only the top 2-3,000 vertical is good powder. Worst case is cloudy and staying cool after warm days. Then you might appreciate the groomers. There will be a lot of them available. Its rare that it is both warm and raining in May. Usually you can ski directly onto lifts and cheap rooms to be had.  

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Yes, there's good or even great skiing in May at Blackcomb. But keep this in mind: 


  • Almost no new snow in May. 8" total in May last year. 3" the year before
  • Lifts open late. 
  • The first two hours of the day will be very firm hardpack. Afternoon skiing will be quite-soft to slush.
  • Follow the shade. 7th Heaven is usually good immediately.
  • No greens, so only intermediate skiers. 
  • You'll only be skiing the upper chairs: 7th heaven, solar coaster, jersey cream, and (if it's open) glacier chair. The bottom half is not worth skiing by May. 
  • I avoid Solar Coaster as the terrain park kids are basically out of control by the time May rolls around. 
  • Not all lifts are running midweek, but there are workarounds. If Glacier chair is closed, you can still cut over to the rock garden under the glacier chair if you ski around the top of 7th heaven. 


You can get a late season pass for super cheap. Accommodation can be had for under $80/night as well. 



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Thanks all, much appreciated
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The last few seasons they have been running Glacier Chair, 7th Heaven, Solar, Jersey Cream and Excelerator in May, and i think Glacier is shut down mid-week (so you have to use 7th/Jersey Cream to access that terrain). With the new Crystal chair they might run it in the spring, who knows. Spankys/Blackcomb glacier will be closed (technically backcountry) but there is lots of fun terrain on Glacier/Chainsaw/Crystal to ski.


Everyone else is bang on, expect spring conditions, hopefully lots of sun, zero crowds and a laid back vibe with fun times to be had.

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