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what bindings??

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looking for some bindings for some new skis im going to get, im most likely getting a pair of volkl vertigo g3's and wondering what kind of binding to put on them, thanks for the help
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Bindings are really a matter of personal choice. Some will say buy only Marker or Look or Solamon. They have thier favorite Brand. Since Marker is now part of the Volkl family you may get a longer warrenty with you G3's by useing a Marker Binding ask you retailer about that.
I don't think most skiers need the top end binding. something with a top Din setting of 10 to 12 should be fine. I have been useing Salomon for years but just resently got a look p 12 So I'll now have a pair of Powder skis mounted with the look all my other skis still have the Salomons on them.
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Volkl and Marker do have a complimentary product relationship whcih is worthy of expoitation, so I would recommend the Piston Control Titanium 1200's. I used them on my Volants last season, and they worked very well.
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I personally don't think there's very much difference in safety and performance among the different brands of bindings when comparing bindings of equivalent levels in the product lines. I'd stay away from the bottom end products geared toward lower level skiers which may not be as sturdy and may have a greater tendency to pre-release. The only significant difference between the middle and top of the line products within a given line is often simply a higher range of DIN settings for the top end product. There's no sense paying for DIN that you don't need. It's a good idea to get a binding which has a range of DIN settings such that your DIN setting is somewhere towards the middle of the range rather than being at one extreme or the other.

I don't remember which Volkls have this, but some have an integrated track for mounting a Marker binding. This may have the advantage of simple adjustment for different boot sizes to eliminate having to redrill the skis if you buy new boots which have a different sole length than what you have now.

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Hey, I ski last years g3 with Marker 1300 glide control. For my personal taste I'm not a fan of the Piston control thought I can see why everyone else likes it. The piston smooths out the large amount of rebound energy that the g3. As I mentioned in an earlier thread I love a ski with lots of energy. Bottom line, I love marker bindings, My Boots stay in them when they should and come out when they should. They have great safety features and they feel like an extention of the ski rather then a binding. But bindings are a really personal subject. I bet theres a bunch of people out there who can argue that Solomon, Tyrolia, or Look bindings are by far superior to markers
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IMHO any binding brand will do. Different models have different uniform setting ranges. Just find a model whose DIN range is right for your weight, age and skier type. That is quickly calculated on a ski shop's binding chart. Generally, the setting for you should fall about mid-range on the scale of the particular model you are interested in.

Race bindings have high DIN settings and other design features, which allow for certain retention gains at the expense of safety. This makes them a poor choice for most skiing situations.

There are also DIN charts online that may give you some idea of what your DIN setting should be. However, because correct binding settings are a safety issue use the charts only as a guide in selecting a model and respect all the chart disclaimers. Make certain that only a qualified ski tech mounts and adjusts them for you.

P.S.(I buy Tyrolia mostly from force of habit and lack of having had binding related injuries [img]smile.gif[/img] ).
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