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Beaver Mountain, Logan Canyon

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Any Bears vouch for lessons here?  Looking for stops on the way to JH, GT, Big Sky, etc.


Good for 1 day of Intermediate skiing?



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Check out our Beaver Mountain Unofficial Guide. The guide's creator, @tromano might stop by to give you more detailed advice. Beaver is is home mountain.

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Gpaulski, ask for Ray Elliot at the instructor's window.  He can get you grooving on either groomers or powder, whichever is the "Condition de 'Jour."  Or ask for my niece, Sam Emmett.  She skis like Vonn.  Excellent advice on Tromano's Unofficial Guide.  I'd add that if you want to just cruise the corduroy, look to the runs off the Dream lift.  Stan's is the premier run if it's been groomed the previous evening.  If not, it usually Ridge and Stump that have been worked, sometimes lower Harry's.  If you're lucky, South Face.  On a powder day, every inch of The Beav can be skied.  I would suggest that if you want to ski the "backside" down to Spring Road, I'd at least follow some locals the first time to make sure you don't miss the "road" back.  I've seen a few ski past the track on an epic day without realizing it.  If you're driving up from the Wasatch Front and heading to Jackson, it's the perfect way to spend the day skiing for the just the plain old fun of it.  From Beaver it's about 3 1/2 hours to Jackson on 89.

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Hello Bill, please pardon my tardy reply, sorry...


I think my first day will be Beaver, for 2 lessons that same day!  I'll contact those you mention as we firm up the plans, all weather dependent....



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I too can vouch for Ray Elliot. An incredible instructor that I've spent many, many hours with. Beaver Mtn. is where is started my skiing career and I probably have over 500 days there.

Tromano's Guide is spot on.

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Gracias HB.

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