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Tip Delam on a Pair of JJs

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I just picked up a pair of 185 Armada JJs.  They're what you would call "well used", but the bases are in good shape - I'm told they haven't seen many base grinds - and the price was right.  


So, I get them home and give them the once over and, lo and behold, there's an inch or more of delamination in the tip of one ski.  It has a small split down the length of the ski and it's a tad crunchy for about an inch and a half.  It's still holding together, mind you, I can't pull layers apart.  I'm now wondering how I can save these to get the most out of them.  The very worst case is I get a pair of Look PX14s and I toss the JJs out, so I'm not freaking out about this.  I'm actually intrigued about how I would go about fixing them.


These are they.  The split is on the left ski, on the centre line, to the right of the orange topsheet detail.



You can see the bump underneath the split in this shot ...  actually that must be more like two inches.



But this one shows it best.



The damage is a bit more widespread than just that split - it's across the width of the tip heading left from the split, and extending just beyond the broad white section of the topsheet.


Now, here's what I'm thinking.  I need to sort of 'splint' the area, and I'm considering a curved stainless plate (like a flat tip protector) - either just on the topsheet, or matching top and bottom.  I could drill a few holes part way through in locations that would be covered by the plate, warm the ski to get some epoxy flowing underneath the surface, inject the epoxy into the holes and work the ski a little to get it moving around, then clamp the ski (tough across a curved tip) and wait a couple of days for it to go off.  Then I'd continue drilling the holes my plate requires, taking them right the way through the base.  With luck I can find a small screw fitting that will look ok.


Just thinking on the fly here.  I guess I'll also need to determine if the base PTex has come away from the rest of the ski under the tip.  I could cut up a flap (or cut a cross) and get some epoxy in there if so.

Anyone have any experience with the same thing?
[edit - They need a base grind to clean up the base edges, and they also need a partial remount, so I'd like to get some sense of whether that's worthwhile before I stump up the money for that work]
[edit again - clamping the curved tip is a tough one; think I'll use the tip of one ski to act as a matched-curved surface to clamp the other, with a bit of non-stick something in between so I don't end up skiing in a permanent snow plow  :)]

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Sounds like you have a good grasp already on how to do the epoxy repair, but since shameless self-promotion is par for the course these days in this forum :D - I will take the opportunity to re-post a relevant video.


You might be surprised at how well the correct epoxy will bond that tip together.  So that said, I wouldn't bother with a metal plate at this point.  If you still want to go with the plate idea - I would rec finding some SL race ski tip protectors, and installing them.  Finding them, and the right hardware could be possibly difficult.  But any race oriented shop should have some stock.  I think in your case I would try to find some steel or alu tips, but plastic ones like Rossi's should be available.  And any tip from non-race skis should work, with a few exceptions.


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Damn!  And here I was thinking a tip plate on one ski like the ones below (although a tad thinner with any luck) would look pretty rugged  :D


Looking at the shot I think I'd go with rivets rather than screws.  The trick would be to source a plate without too much effort.  My local snowboard store may have an old snowboard tip protector I could cannibalise.  Or an hour's work with a bit of stainless plate and a dremel should do the trick.



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Originally Posted by Chenzo View Post

Sounds like you have a good grasp already on how to do the epoxy repair, but since shameless self-promotion is par for the course these days in this forum :D - I will take the opportunity to re-post a relevant video.




   You show off! :D



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   You show off! :D



haha - well, at least I stayed out of that other thread

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i tried to but, you know smile.gif just jokin about the show off thing wink.gif

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I know you were joking



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