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Tecnica Icon DPXR Hot Form

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Boot Make: Tecnica
Boot Model: Icon DPXR Hot Form
Boot Length: 27.5
Snow Conditions Used In: All
Number of Days Used: 80
Your Ability: Advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 29
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 120
Other Boots You Like: Icon TNT XR
Your Height/Weight: 6'0" 170#
Foot size: U.S. 11, width B-C

This boot replaced a pair of Icon TNT XR size 28.0 which lasted about 2.5 seasons (about 250 ski days) before the liners gave out.

I chose to buy the new boots one shell size shorter for a tighter fit. As an instructor, my goal was a boot that offered performance but also was comfortable enough to stand around in all day.

Out of the box, with the factory footbed, this boot fit well and "hotforming" worked, improving the fit of the liner. The hinged cuff is very convenient.

When I put my Superfeet Kork footbeds in the boots, painfull pressure points developed on the sides of my heels and over the instep. My bootfitter ground down the footbeds to lower my foot in the shell and punched out the toe box area. Each time an adjustment was made to the shell or footbed, I re "hot formed" the boots.

After about 30 days, the heel pocket began to pack out. Hot Forming helped, but not for long. After 60 days, my heel was loose and Hot Forming the liners did not tighten them back up at all. My bootfitter installed a heel wrap which tightened the heel pocket back up, a step never needed with my older, longer boots with standard liners. The heel wrap also makes it more difficult to remove the liners for drying.

Dissatisfied with the support of the ground-down Superfeet liners, I then had a pair of Conformable footbeds made. (Non-posted). These I like very much, although I had to remove sections of the heel wrap to solve the reappearance of pressure points on the sides of the heels.


The hot form liner packs out quickly and is not appropriate for the professional skier. If you ski just a few days a year, go for it, as the ability to warm it up at home and in the car is nice, (the home plug-in will not completely dry out wet liners overnight) but otherwise, get the better quality, less expensive, standard liner.

Usefull features:
Hinged Cuff
Replaceable heel
Functional power strap
Wide range of flex adjustment (removable inserts and adjustment screw)

Non-usefull features:
Adjustable arch (irrelevant with custom footbeds)

Desired features:
Replaceable toe lug
Adjustable in-step buckle (similar to Salomon 3-D buckle)

Also, I replaced the factory power strap with Booster straps, which I prefer to fasten *under* the shell. This makes for a tight cuff fit.

And in regards to the "Dual Pivot" system - it changes the axis of flex to compensate for knees moving outward or inward during flexing. My knees move outward, but I could not notice any effect from the adjustment. The cuff canting is an "all or nothing" adjustment based on shimming the cuff instead of loosening a screw and tilting the cuff to a desired degree.

In summary, a quality shell deserving of a better liner.
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I believe this is my boot. I have a size 12 street shoe and I wear a 27 shell. My previous boot was the Icon - foam liner in a 28.

The new boot performs well but I too have had some problems with fit. The heal pocket rear of foot has been ground to accomodate the bone. It would be nice to have more foam in the heal.

I have re-heated for fit at least 8 times this season. I have tried to not over buckle to allow the foam to expand. I also like to get the foam hotter than what the settings call for. It is also OK to continue to heat while putting the boots on.

I have also found that you can pack a pressure point with adhisive foam to make more room during re-heating.

By the way, I have deficient feet!
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The reasons stated above is why my bootfitter would not put me in that model. He told me to stay with the less expensive non hot form model.

I don't need to tell you how much I luv my bootfitter.

I do find that my boots are more comfee when the temps stay cold. If it gets above freezing I have to begin tightening the buckels.
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