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2014 Dynastar Chrome 78 Pro - Anyone been on these?

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I just came across these in a store and cant seem to find a demo but I am sure someone here has been on them. I have skied the Rossignol Pursuit HP and assume this is a similar ski but I could be wrong- They seem much lighter and stiffer in a good way.
I have also spent about 10 days on the insane nordica Firearrow 84 EDT and if that ski didnt weight 200 pounds I would get a pair this year in a 176 or 184 cm. I could not tell much of a difference between the 176 and 184 and mach 2 speeds.
I am 5'11 195 strong skier and looking at the chrome in a 178 or 184 cm for my next winter toy.

Ski hard or go home. let it snow, let it snow , let it snow.
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I don't remember which chrome ski I tried to bent last time I went to the shop but I must say that it was the stiffiest ski I ever saw...


I know that one of the guys working there as skied them and they will be his new skis...


I also find that my F.A. 84 edt is quite heavy when you weight them but not really when I ski them...

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I would like to demo them but they are hard to find. Shops carry the rossignol pursuit but not the chrome.
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The shop near my house carries them if you ever plan a trip to Tremblant...:D

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gonna be hard to find in the west because god forbid some sell or buy a ski that is less than 95mm wide


one review from the Canadian site:

Comments about Dynastar CR 78 PRO R20 RACING:

i will use this ski for my every day ski teaching certification courses and just pure fun! this ski excels on the groomed terrain, however the width will also allow you to take it off piste and still have a blast. it powers through chewed up crud and maintains a stable ride. the ski definitely has a race feel to it, but it is adaptable to all mountain skiing. if you only have room for one pair of skis and you are a perfromance oriented skier, this one is it!

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I have found one shop in Denver that has them but none of the sales staff has been on them. They sell them mostly online. I did get a chance to see them and they look similar to the rossignol pursuit but lighter and stiff . stiff is good. I have some money sitting in my paypal account that I need to burn. Now it's do I want the 178cm or the 184cm.
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They say:subtle Early Rise tip rocker... very stiff...178

If you want, I could call the guys at the shop. I think they all tried them...

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Can you ask?
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Anything for another Epicski member!:D

I'll comme back to you...

By the way, this is the ski shop I'm talking about:


They all are really strong skiers and really know what they talk about!

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Thanks. I need to get one some snow soon.
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I mean get on some snow soon..lol .
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Just spoke to the guys at the ski shop. The 78 pro is the one I tried to flex the other day...it is a stiff son of a b....! Stiffer than my Steadfast, F.A.84 edt or my slalom skis!!! They recommand 178 and it is a ski for on-piste only; no bumps... But really nice carver!

If you have other questions, they'll be happy to answer them!

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Thanks for the info. sounds like my kind of ski.
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Beware! The Dynasty of Chromagator is coming!!!



Do you know wich skis should have been called Chrome? My Volkl Tigershark :


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I have been on the Tigershark 11 in a 168 and that was a pretty good ski. Do they even make the tigershark in 2013/14? volkl seems to be all about rocker, rocker and more rocker anymore when it comes to front side skis. I did try the RTM84 for one day at Abasin and It was not the ski for me. Have not tried any of the Vwerks stuff yet but they are paper light.
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They stop the tigershark (mine are the 10 feet) in the 2012-13 models...

I also tried the rtm 84 and didn't liked it but the 81 is suppose to be different...

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The RTM 81 is also full rocker. Dont think I will try that one.
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Me neither but it is out of curiosity...

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Another option is the replacement of the popular speed course ti.

it is basically the same ski as the chrome 74, but just a bit beefed up. The 78 is an awesome gs groomer ski. The 74 seemed to be a bit more versatile with short to medium turns (radius is shorter). Either way they are dynastars and want you to drive them.
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Didnt want to go back to 74-75 under foot
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