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Dynafit Radical ST - Setup Questions

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As a recent Dynafit convert (ex Fritschi) I have now mounted a brand new set of Radical ST to my K2 Wayback's that I will use mostly for touring.  I am dialing in the final setup and had a few questions that I hope the more experienced Dynafit group could help me out with.


First is the spacing of the heel piece to the boot.  I have read this should be 4mm (but still need to have this confirmed).  I do not have the spacer that may have come with the bindings (might have discarded it as packaging!), so I am using a 4mm drill bit to make this crucial adjustment.  I am not 100% clear at where the 4mm should be measured, and attach a photo which shows 2 possible locations that would give different results.  I think it should be measured below the pins, but would not want to wrong about this!




The second thing I would like to confirm is that my understanding of the DIN settings is correct and I attach a photo below showing how they are now set:



Might be a bit hard to see this real clearly but would appreciate knowing of any obvious mistake(s) on my part.


Skiing back country on my Frtischi's I would set the toes at DIN 8 and heels at DIN 9, and slowly worked up to these settings after numerous binding releases at lower settings.  I read on that Lou found that with his Dynafit setup he could leave the lateral release quite low but had to increase the vertical release to get a skiable setup.  Was wondering what other may have experienced with their setup and of course any advice would be much appreciated.


Many thanks!

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  • "Location: Franklin, TN"
  • Really?  
  • If so, kudos for keeping up the skiing spirit (especially backcountry) despite the geographical ... challenge.
  • Anyway, Dynafit models are almost all 5.5mm.
  • (Only exceptions are Low Tech Race, Speed Superlight, discontinued IV/Tech/Classic/Speed, and probably also the new Euro-only Speed Turn.)
  • And you want to measure in the top position shown in the photo (which is much appreciated, since it is super helpful for understanding the inquiry), as the controversial "bump" in the bottom position is not included when setting the gap.
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Jonathon is THE man :D


Tenn?  really?

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Dane, isn't everything in between the PNW and Chamonix just kind of in the same category for you?


Okay, seriously though, I neglected to answer the final set of q's:


1. Yes, the OP has correctly interpreted the rather difficult-to-read release setting values.


2. My Dynafit (and Plum Guide, and ATK RT) release setting values are the same as on my non-race alpine downhill setups.


3. More generally, alpine downhill bindings vary widely in their release <> retention characteristics for a given release setting value, even if they pass the standard rather simple shop test for peak torque.  (The original designer of the Knee binding has posted some very interesting if hard-to-digest material on this sibject in various Epic threads.)  Any alpine (whether downhill or touring) binding is especially susceptible to forward prereleases (see in particular the Bow effect:, while at the same time doing absolutely nothing to protect against the most common type of soft tissue knee injury (except maybe for the Knee binding).  Lately we've heard a lot of talk about "elasticity" with regard to the forward release <> retention characteristics of Dynafit and competing "Tech"-style bindings, although the term "elasticity" is often implicitly used to mean many different things, with many unsubstantiated claims (which is especially amusing when "elasticity" is defined as vertical travel before release, which can of course be quantified).  So the bottom line in all of that is ... for any binding, often a higher forward release setting helps to prevent prerelease, although specifically in the context of Dynafit and competing "Tech"-style bindings, nobody seems to have any idea.  (Well, okay, they have lots of ideas, but purely speculative ideas!)

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Many thanks for your help and spacing now set to 5.5 mm.  As a start I am going to set the DIN to the chart values, which puts me at 6.5 if I neglect the age adjustment. 


In Franklin, TN we are all over country stuff, especially the music end, so back country should just be a natural extension to the southern culture down here, yes?  Actually I grew up in Canada skiing and have slowly moved away from resorts to more natural terrain over my 22 years of living in TN.  The one positive aspect of not living close to any skiing, is that I am only a plane ride (or 2) away from many great places and thus I can pick and choose where I want to ski.  You might wonder why I might not be able to do this if I lived in ski country, and the answer is wife would move to a ski town but that is where I would have to ski, no more ski trips!  If I took her up on this the ski town of my choice would be Nelson, BC and I think that could keep me around the house all winter.


Your sound advice was much appreciated!

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