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tl;dr: Rossi S3 W or Line Soulmate for 5'7 135lbs wife who skis at Whistler 5-10 days a year - and 159ish or 169ish cm?



Hey folks,


For the past 7 season, the wife has been on a pair of 158cm K2 Missdemenor park skis (113-80-100ish). They work alright for her on groomers, but are not ideal in powder/variable wet snow. She is 5'7 135lbs and skis 5-10 days a season, mostly at Whistler and is a lifelong skier that can ski most terrain at Whistler with confidence (e.g. steep trees on Harmony). She doesn't have the best technique and tends to tailgun/turn across the hill when overwhelmed and is a skid turner. She is more of a casual skier these days, enjoying skiing with friends and in decent weather, not so much up for pushing technique and lining up for an hour to get first chair. 


She wants a new pair of skis to handle all conditions/terrain at Whistler. On a big snow day last season, she rented Salomon Rockettes (115 waist, 164cm length I think) and found them too big to handle, so I am thinking something in the mid 90's waist with a bit of rocker is the way to go.


I've found good deals on 2012/2013:


Rossignol S3 W (159cm or 168cm) 124-96-114 w/ rocker tip/tail and camber underfoot

Line Soulmate (158cm or 165cm) 132-98-123 w/ early rise tip and tail and camber underfoot


Both skis have had positive reviews here and elsewhere (Blister). It sounds like the Rossis are easier to ski and a bit more forgiving, while giving up some top end speed. She is not laying down train tracks on groomers, so I am leaning toward the Rossis for the ease of use factor.


Main question is what length would be suitable for her? If the Rossi came in a 165cm I think that would be ideal, given the tip and tail rocker reducing effective edge. The 159cm would probably be fine for her in most conditions, just not sure how well it would float in pow/variable?


The good news is she bought new properly fitted boots 2 seasons ago at Destination Ski in North Van and they have made a huge difference for her (in confidence and comfort), she raves about them, so I'm hoping modern skis will give her another boost.


Happy to hear anyone's thoughts, oh and she's not interested in demoing.

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