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Ski sizing question

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OK.  So I'm looking at getting a pair of Kastle MX83s.  I'm 6'2", 290lbs and consider myself an advanced (not expert) skier.  I currently ski and LOVE a pair of Rossi Experience 88s in 186cm.  I'm looking at the Kastle primarily for shorter turns and for zipping through the bumps.  My Rossis are a little too long in the bumps so I'm looking for something shorter.  The only 2 sizes in the MX83 that would be appropriate are 183cm and 173.  183 feels to close to what I already have.  Am I silly looking at the 173s?  Thoughts based on what I'm looking to do and my height/weight?  Thanks.



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183 should be plenty zippy in the bumps.  But those 88's should be good

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Maybe it's me.  I have a tough time getting the 88s to turn quickly in the bumps.  Truth be told, my bump skiing is a work in progress.

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More on this later from a real keyboard, but at your size I would not go shorter with a broadly similar ski, as you are proposing - especially not one with a square tail and no early rise. Take some lessons, stay on the easiest bumps you can find at first (example, the short fun section of moguls on Scoot shortly below Bullwinkle's), and stay off Skidder and Bubblecuffer until your confidence is justifiedly up there. If you want a better bump ski, look at something with less sidecut, a flip tail, and moderate flex. Something like a volkl Bridge, for example.
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q, he'd absolutely fold a Bridge in two. It'd be a skittish mess at 290#. Things ski differently for really big folks, so what we generally think of as burly will be 'moderate'. A long Kendo might work much better.
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Lol. Okay. Good point. But do you agree that going for something short and edgy is not the way to go?
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A ski shop owner nearby is about your shape and weight and the 2 skis he loves are the bonafide and one of the magnum or power series from Blizzard...


I think that if you go shorter, the ski will need to be stiffer to compensate... You have to find the right combination...

173 is short for me at 215...

I think you should prepare yourself and do an experimentation during a demo day: trying different lenghts of the same ski, soft skis, stiff skis...and comme back to us with the results...

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Thanks for the advice guys.  I think what I'm going to do is continue to refine my bump technique and stick with my current skis since I love them anyway.  I'll continue to get bump lessons and will just dedicate this season for getting better in the bumps.  I'm sure it's more technique than ski anyway.



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Precisions: he ski the Blizzard G-Power in 174 cm

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