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Boot durability

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What is a reasonable number of days skiing for a top of the line pair of boots before they break down?  Is 30 days too short a life for  an $800 pair of boots?

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in a word YES, but are we talking about material quality of the boot or the fit?


if material quality and the 30 days have been over the last 10 years then not a lot will happen, if in the past 2 then you may have a case


if fit then you need to discuss it with your fitter, who may possibly have notes on the sale, things like the shell check, the volume etc can vastly affect how a boot will last, but at the time of purchase people are often more fixated by in store comfort to trust the fitter

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When most people talk about their boots wearing out they are referring to the fit of the liner. They don't consider plastic fatigue, but the shells get tired as well.


Exposure to UV light, oxidization and the constant flexing break down even the best plastics over time. They lose their rebound and resilience and become softer in flex.


We tell people a ski boot has a life span of about 200 days. If you ski 100 days a year, you should get new boots every other year. It does not mean if you ski 10 days a year the boot will last for 20 years.


I replace my race boot every other year, even though the old boot has maybe 100 days, the new one (same boot) is crisper and more powerful

and harder to get in and out of.


Two out of three ain't bad.



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I heard Darren Rhalves say he replaced his shells after only a few weeks of skiing when he was racing world cup.  He can feel the difference in the plastic fatigue.  Of course he is getting free boots so us mortals can make do a bit longer.

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Thanks for the reply that is what I was thinking.  With a top of the line pair of boots I expect to get 140 + days over about 2 years so i am disappointed when the liners go after 30-40 days in their first season and I was skiing gently not pounding the bumps day after day.

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The problem is you don't define what you mean by liner going.  Has the liner fallen apart or is the fit simply to loose.  If to loose, I'd say the liner has only gone where all good liners go and it has stretched to the size of the too large shell.

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