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BBR heavy AT skis

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I live in Europe and I have used different GS Atomic skis for almost 15 years. I am 6' and 175lbs intermediate skier. 

Last season I rented the BBR 8.9 186cm and loved them, not only I was able to do some off-piste, but I also felt less tired than with the GS at the end of the day. They are really enjoyable to ride and easy to carve on any kind of snow I found (though I couldn't try them on hard ice). 

Later on the same season I also tried ski touring for the first time. The skis I rented were heavy and short, and the bindings were bulky and plastic-made, but for some reason I absolutely loved this sport. 

Now, the thing is that I would like to buy something to replace my Atomic GS's that would be suitable for 50% piste - 30% free-ride - 20% ski touring. A while ago I was given a pair of Salomon BBR 8.9 flat. After checking tons of web pages and forums I've come up with a set consisting of the BBR's, the G3 Onyx bindings (I think Salomon Guardian or Marker Duke would make the set too heavy) and a pair of boots like the Tecnica Cochise/Pro Light or the Scarpa Maestrale/RS.

Now, what would you think of this set? Will it be too heavy? Are the G3 Onyx good for resort skiing?


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The issue is the width of the shovel of the ski and skin tracks on the way up, and having to buy something like a 140mm width skin for a 79mm ski. :)  

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You might be in uncharted territory here - I've never seen the BBR considered as an AT ski. Yeah, the skins would be weird after trimming, but I have no idea whether the BBR is heavy or otherwise unsuitable for touring.

The Onyx is probably one of the better tech bindings for in-area skiing - it's got a bit more elasticity than, say, Dynafits or Plums. But if you're only touring like 20% of the time, tech bindings might not be the best choice. It's a judgement call - it could work but if you hammer your skis on-piste that kind of challenges many AT bindings.

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

The issue is the width of the shovel of the ski and skin tracks on the way up, and having to buy something like a 140mm width skin for a 79mm ski. :)  

Maybe splitting hairs, but it's 88mm at the waist.

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Ah! I mixed it up with the red womens BBR. Thanks!

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I'd look at something like the Quest 90, 98 or 105 for a touring ski if you like Salomon. More predictable shape for variable conditions you might encounter in the backcountry. If you are really going to get into the sport, get real touring boots (e.g. Dynafit, Scarpa), the weight savings and tour modes will make life a lot easier. 

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I've skied the BBRs 8.9 for most of three seasons as my soft snow/ powder ski. They are excellent off piste and very light for an alpine ski. I don't tour with them but have hiked a great deal carrying them, sidestepping, etc. The big shovel has no problem breaking trail and is great in powder. Cutting skins will be interesting...
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