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Atomic m-ex & b5

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Just finished 4 days at Fernie (with conditions being from boot top with crud to thigh deep)on the mex in 185 and the b5 in 172 . The mex has alot of the characteristics of the rex ,the biggest difference being it will do short radius turns easier . Like mentioned above it is softer lengthwise which tends to let it initiate turns more easily , handles all the heavy deep or crud you want and carves like a dream on the hard pack. Does surprisingly well in the bumps and personally I didn't really find a speed limit on them , an awsome ski for the steep and deep
"definitely my ski of choice" for next season!
The b5 well it's lets just say these things rip!
A very nimble live feeling under foot when you crank it up but surprisingly easy to relax on for a set of skis with this kind of power . They tend to need a centered rider fore to aft in the powder more so than the mex , very stable and predictable feeling while in heavy crud . These things go from groomers to crud to powder , short turns or long . High speeds they have a real feeling of confidence , with an edge hold bordering on tenacious. A good description would be a slalom ski for powder .
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I skied the metron11 down there and two lengths of the Mex. The 11 like the B5 is a treat and surprise in the bumps and powder. I had skied the 11 and B 5 on hard pack and with the massive shovel and sidecut on both was skeptical of stability in bumps and powder or crud. It was amazing how solid and easy to track they were (even with a seriously cranky back). I didn't get them up to much speed (see cranky back comment) but could confidantly plow through wind slab to wind scoured firm and boot top powder all in bumps and slightly poor light. These will be a lot of fun and really live up to the all conditions billing.
On the Mex side like Leeroy said there's a lot similar handling to the Rex. I've skied the Rex in lots of conditions but never owned a pair since the amount of days here where they would really shine means giving up too much in terms of quickness and performance on the firm stuff. What stuck me with the Mex is it doesn't feel like you give up that quickness or snappiness anymore. Again living up to the all conditions billing. I skied both the 185 and 175. The 185 is the ticket for opening it up and blasting through bumps or powder or anything else with speed. The 175 will be plenty nimble for the quicker turning situations or skiing the bumps instead of blasting through them.

Now if Leeroy that could just find a ski that would let him keep up with 'Dorothy' and 'the Wicked'.
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Hey Leeroy, did you need to read that thread on speed traps and radar detectors. The boys from the detachment in Longview seem to have a feel for good spots to sit. How did you like that semi blown over on the highway? That may be the biggest wind I've ever driven in.
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"KEEP UP WITH DOROTHY AND THE WICKED" try living with them plus the other one !
And holy sh*t what a blow on the highway it's up there with the worst I've driven in (wish we were in the crew cab 1 ton I had sitting at home)thought the Thule was coming off a couple times .
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Originally posted by L7:
I skied the metron11 down there and two lengths of the Mex. The 11 like the B5 is a treat and surprise in the bumps and powder.
Can you give any comparison of the B5 to M11? Which would a better all around ski, pros & cons?? Which was your favourite out of the bunch Mex, M11 or B5


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I'm leaning towards the Mex in a 175. The M11 I didn't really get to open up and I'm still not sure how they'll handle with speed. The Mex just had a solid confindence inspiring feel right away. I haven't skied the B5 on soft snow yet but on hard pack it's amazing how smooth it loads and unloads energy from a turn. I'm a little afraid of the massive sidecut on the B5 and the M11 was really going to be my choice until I skied that Mex. It's just everything I need in a ski and will be super versatile.
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Dumb Question,

Is the B5 an Atomic or a Rossi?
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Like Scalce says Atomic. The B is for Beta as in the 5 generation of Beta technology. They're the funky ones with the magnesium power tubes/channels now exposed just in front of the binding plate. You can see the tube go in and out of the ski when it's flexed. I'm sure the sexual innuendo was coincidence. The B series for Rossi is a continuation of the BanditX series. There is also an SX B5 and a GS race B5
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I mentioned in another thread, the B5s are $200 more than M11 (real price, not msrp). If that is an issue.
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