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Ski boot flex: Did I make the right choice?

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I'm a slightly advanced intermediate skier and I recently bought some Dalbello Aerro 75 ski boots. The skill level is advertised as Advanced-intermediate, but according to some online charts, the flex rating leans towards Beginner-Intermediate. Are the boots good for a slightly advanced intermediate or did the flex make it a bad choice? The boots haven't gotten here yet and I can return them if needed. They were just a good price.
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Boot flex is completely personal and varies among skiers.  Probably though it is way to soft.  but you made a more fundamental mistake that is far more serious.  You bought a boot online because it was cheap and probably it will cost yo more than going to a good shop.  


Do you know your proper foot size in Mondo point?  If not you almost certainly bought the boot to long.  Do you know your foot width and the overall volume?  If not chances are you bought the wrong shape because most people are a "C" or maybe "D" width and the boot you bought is large enough inside that King Kong could be comfortable without any of us doing any modifications.


We can buy boots online with success, but the fact you are contacting us indicates you will probably not get it done correctly.  Nothing personal, it just isn't all that easy.  That's why we need to be here.


Suggest you read the wiki above about buying boots then peruse the space here for questions asked by others.  I think you'll find several that have walked the same path without great success.



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I didn't purely based on price, as they weren't cheap, only fairly priced. I didn't buy on an impulse and I know a little about boots. My mondopoint length is 27.5, which is the size I ordered. I'm 18 with normal shaped feet, so I didn't really take width or shape into account. I'm not really a hugely picky equipment person, and I figure if I can randomly buy a pair of 130 flex Dobbermans off a person and not see any problems, buying a boot online with only a general idea of the fit wouldn't pose a huge problem. Obviously though I'm not speaking professionally, as I am just a teenager.Is it basically necessary to return them even if they feel comfortable?
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I can only help with the decision by telling you what you bought.  The rest is up to you. What you bought is a very high volume soft boot.  I see many things that may go wrong.  You'll buckle to tightly to hold your foot in place and the pressure will hurt a lot.  Your foot will slide around from being loose and you'll bash your toes.  More More More goes wrong the longer you use them.


That is what I often see.  Perhaps it won't happen to you and you'll have gotten a good buy.  but if you have 130 Dobermanns with  no problems why do you need these?



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I've definitely taken your advice to heart and I will be returning the boots, instead going to a local shop for a pro fit. I really do appreciate your input.

The Dobbermans didn't pose any problems because I don't fall a lot, but I can see a lot of things going wrong if I do. I'm taking the potential danger out of the way before it happens. 130 is not my caliber of boot, even though it worked for a while. A new pair would be far more comfortable. It's sort of like driving without a license: Even though you can pull it off, it's only a matter of time before you realize that you should take a different approach.
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Follow up questions:
1) All things aside, is the 75 flex a huge problem? Say I picked a boot that was professionally fitted at a shop with 75 flex.

2) If the flex isn't a problem, could I theoretically go to a shop and have them adjust and manipulate the boot to what I want? I saw a video about heat treating or something.

I apologize if these are stupid questions, I'm just trying to see if there's any alternatives to waiting for the boots, waiting while they're returned and doing all of the later shop fitting stuff.

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Most inexpensive 70 flex adult boots that I've seen flex very stiffly because they are low quality design.  Difficult to say what you have.  But in kids boots 70 flex is sold to 8 year olds.



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