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Japan Ski Hire

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I am going to Shiga Kogen and Nosawa Onsen for a couple of weeks in Jan/Feb 2014. I was originally going to rent skis but have been having second thoughts as I have heard the quality/range/choice  is generally pretty limited. Looking at the rental prices on line even two weeks rental of best quality ski is likely to cost around $ 600. This is nearly enough to buy a new pair of skis and take them with me ( I have room in my flight luggage allowance ).

Any advice on the hire ski situation in either of these places would be appreciated.

Thanks Mike

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Bring your own if you can rentals are expensive here.
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we where in Shiga Kogen in 2011, took our own ski's, the choice in the shops seemed limited, also if your tall you may struggle to get the right length 

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Flywalker, Radar, Thanks for the replies. I would bring my own skis but that looks like being just too difficult. Guess I will have to take what I can get.


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What's your height/weight/ability? I may have something for you.

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Jimintokyo, 180cm, 75 kg, ability ? advanced ? ( not expert ) 


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