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Would prefer to rent skis, but my daughter insists on girly-looking skis. Hard for me to figure out what length to go with because of her light weight. She is 45" tall and weighs 37 pounds. I am thinking 90 cm skis. This is just above the top of her sternum and will likely be a little below it toward the end of the season. Should I be concerned about the ski being so short?


She is roughly an advanced beginner, skiing greens easily and starting to ski blues. She is somewhat fearless, has good balance, and decent coordination. But she refuses to take a lesson or let me teach her anything.  Last year, she was on 87 cm skis (somewhere between sternum and chin) and seemed to do okay.


There is a Rossi 93 cm ski, but it is the longest ski in their very-young-kids line and has a fatter 75mm width instead of the 65-66 width of the other models. I assume at that age the fatter skis are for aiding with balance and not shredding the pow. Next skinny ski up seems to be a 97 cm Head ski.


I'm okay with buying a ski that will last only one season but want to make sure she is on a ski that she can turn easily but that also does not prevent her from getting a little speed.


Thanks for any input!


Additional measurements: Height to nose is 99 cm. Height to chin is 94.5 cm. Height to top of sternum is 89 cm.


Video of my daughter skiing, if helpful: (daughter closest to camera at start -- first blue run ever) (daughter on right)