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Online Worldcup Coverage

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So the season starts this weekend, and Comcast still has no agreement with Universal Sports.  I know I can watch the races live on, but the races are pretty early in the morning.  Is there any place online where I can watch the races later in the day?

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You have the right idea.  The key to watching the races at a reasonable time is to find the hour long recap show on British Eurosport.  As you see, it is available from the site you posted.  Just check out their online schedule and you can find out what time the recap shows are.  I think they normally have an 8 p.m. GMT show which means you can watch ski racing in the middle of the afternoon.  The recap show is the same feed that Universal Sports shows, just without Porino and Lewis calling the races.  Nick Fellows and John Clark are their British counterparts and do a fine job.

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Thank you I'll try to check out the races this afternoon
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