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And then there were three

Poll Results: Which will happen last?

  • 0% (0)
    Kansas City will lose a game
  • 20% (1)
    Tampa Bay will win a game
  • 80% (4)
    Jacksonville will win a game
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With the New York Giants winning and Denver losing, we're down to just three teams sporting a goose egg in either the "W" or the "L" column.  Who is going to hold onto it the longest?


Their remaining schedules:

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Jacksonville let us down today by somehow defeating the Titans.  :(


Thankfully, we still have the Bucs who are competing to join the Detroit Lions as the "worst team of all time".

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Tough to be a Titans fan today.
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We have a winner...actually, we just have 5 losers.
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Et tu, Bucs?

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I was worried that the Bucs would win last night with all the turmoil that the Dolphins are going through with the Martin / Incognito stuff going on.  :(


Two teams with a shot to run the tables in the same season and they both blow it on the same weekend.  :nono:

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