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Article Byline Customization


This finally addresses some article issues we have had. For example when we created the new Unofficial Guides (check them out if you haven't seen them), originally all the articles were attributed to me rather than the proper author. Now there is an easier way to fix it than the work around we had to employ. Plus it means when I or another moderator helps you out we don't needlessly get credited for your work!


Unsaved Data Warning

When users attempt to navigate away from a page with unsaved changes in the Editor, we'll warn them. Don't worry. The warning only fires if you've changed the content in the editor, so abandoning an empty editor won't annoy you with an "are you sure?" message. 








Tagger Attribution

@marznc you'll like this one: 


Back in February of 2013 we began recording the usernames of taggers adding tags to threads. We've never displayed them before now, but we're about to start. 


Here's where you'll see the name of the tagger, and the date they added the tag. 




:eek: Warning: You will see a lot of "tagged by System." This is what we display in two common scenarios:


  1. We don't know who the tagger was, because they tagged before 2/2013, when we began recording names. Sorry about that. 
  2. The Huddler system actually did tag the thread, automatically. We do this for as many threads as possible, using only the thread title to search for tag matches, and selecting only the highest-confidence matches. You're welcome! 


If you see a poor tag, by user System, from after February, report it to us and we can use your feedback to improve our algorithms. 


Tag on!




The Fix List

#14247: Users at low resolutions should be able to scroll the smiley dialog successfully. (@crgildart @Posaune @jimmy This should fix this issue you were having)

#14258: Tagged articles will no longer show up in Related Content Modules after they are deleted. (@marznc I think you had brought this one to my attention)

#14263: @mentions will no longer force a space immediately after the @username object. 

#14208: Tables without borders set should now default to no border, rather than taking on a border style from your browser's native stylesheet. @Laurel Hill Crazie 

#14130: Even more safeguards against double-posting.

#14326: Trying to PM a legacy user whose account has no email address will no longer result in an error. @Skizoo this fixes your issue. 

#14308: The "To:" field in a new private message was not displaying special characters correctly in all cases (eg: "Rockin&Rollin") though messages would send okay. I am unsure if this fixes your issue @qcanoe; I have asked for clarification as they said it would be fixed with this release.