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I was hoping to be able to get out to CO before Thanksgiving, but caution is always best this late into October when the snow Gods are holding back, so it looks like December instead for us.


So it happens that Vail's Snow Daze are in our trip plans as it turns out. Nice to have music and events going on in the Village during those short days before the Holidaze.


Vail lodging runs 30% off deals if you book before opening day, so we copped a lodge room at the Mountain Haus for a ridiculously low $462 for three nights. Sorry, it was their last room with two beds.


With that being said, my bro and I will start our ritual snow dance in order to get things rolling. Think Snow!


Tx SW for the early Friday 10:20 arrival, yes you can get from FL to CO in the morning and catch first turns by 1:00PM, and catch the 5:30 back to Lauderdale on Monday and call it 4-day weekend.


See you on Friday the 13th !!!!