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Achilles Pain

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I'm sure there is a wealth of info on this, but to spare an hour of reading 8 pages of search, I am asking..

Friend of mine starts having Achilles pain after skiing for a while and doesn't know the cause. She stated if she keeps the boots in walk mode it helps a little, yet still hurts. She also said the foot area feels fine, it's just the ankle strain/pain.

My novice boot knowledge points to the flex being to stiff for her [70], and/or to much canting. I told her to take them to our boot fitter again (as she already has) and have him see what he can do. Unfortunately tho, our fitters may be more knowledgeable than most people, but they don't really fine tune your fit around here.

Stats (If it matters): 5'2"; aprox 110lbs (guessing); intermediate groomer; very athletic ..& smokin hot!

Question is: Before getting our ski store boot guy's take, Is there a common cause to this? Just like some general info on the topic, your take

Thank you for your time
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most common cause of pain the in the achilles/calf area (which is relieved a bit by the boot being in walk mode) is probably a tight calf muscle, it could be something as simple as adding a heel lift to the boot will take  the pain away, impossible to say without seeing the foot, but that would be my first thought


70 is not a stiff boot


does she have...


a sensible shell check

custom inserts

a single pair of socks which are not too thick


if so then a trip back to the fitters to have ankle joint range of motion assessed is probably the next step


 Stats (If it matters): 5'2"; aprox 110lbs (guessing); intermediate groomer; very athletic ..& smokin hot!

feel free to post pictures ;)

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If she tends to wear really high heels a lot (the smoking hot thing) , her Achilles tendon will naturally shorten over time and even walking bare footed will cause some aching.


As CEM said she may need to have a heel lift added to the boot board but also could do some stretching to help alleviate this issue.



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Thank you for the tidbits, that helps narrow it down. No to custom inserts & she does wear heals daily

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If she is indeed smoking hot, we probably need some pictures to best determine the problem.  I suggest close up from mid-thigh down, but that is just me.


That aside what these guys have said.  By canting I assume you mean cuff alignment and that also is probably not the cause.  Too much forward lean with a tight achilles sounds correct, but if it is more a rubbing issue then I'd look at too big a boot problem or widening the achilles area of the shell by grinding.



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