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Volkl Supersport 6 Star

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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: Supersport 6 Star
Length: 175
Snow Conditions Used In: Ice, powder, chopped powder, crud piles, and crud.
Number of Days Used: 5 days
Your Ability: Level 5/6
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 3
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: This is the first pair of ski's I've owned
Your Height/Weight: 6', 170 lb.

I just returned from Steamboat and used these all over the mountain. Unfortunately there was not very much new snow during my stay there, so it was a bit icey most mornings. The skis handled the icey conditions with flying colors and floated through the small amount of powder adroitly. This was also my first time skiing blacks regularly. I was initially concerned with the length of the skis, but after using them, I was very happy with the 175s.

The Supersport has edge grip that has to be felt to be believed. It simply would not skid on hard snow. On the other hand, the ski was more forgiving than I was led to believe. More than once, I bit off more of a black run than I could chew. The Supersport always allowed me to make those short turns that preserved my dignity.

I do have one complaint about the ski. I noticed that some of the black ink or coloring ran from around the bindings. I took the skis into my hotel room on the last night to dry them off and clean them off for transit. Luckily I placed them in the bathtub to dry off. After a couple of hours, I noticed black ink or coloring running from the ski (and it was not easy to remove from the bathtub). Hopefully this is something that Volkl will correct in the future.
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Hey boredtoo -
That black stuff coming off the bindings was probably the grease that Volkl uses on the rails to allow the bindings to slide on during mounting. Just like when you get the oil changed in your car, sometimes there's a little extra on the outside of the casing - it goes away after a few uses. I love my 6 *s too!
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