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Pow Tales 2013-14

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Hi All,

Winter is just around the corner, and based on brisk pre-season sales, it looks like more than a few people are expecting a winter loaded with deep white fluff. Epic members can still get a 10% discount on every set of Pow Tales they buy, so don't wait until you lose a ski. Get your set before you go through the hassle of losing a ski. Visit today!


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I used my Pow Tales for 24 days of skiing last year and have been very happy with them.


They are well made and were very easy to install on my boots. I did find it necessary to drill a small hole in the heel binding to attach the bungee cords, but even that was easy and in no way compromised the binding.


I fell only once in moderately deep powder last winter, and the Pow Tale deployed flawlessly, making it very easy to find my ski. I would not want to spend a lot of time searching for a lost ski on a powder day---so I am very happy I had them.

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This is a great deal for anyone who skis powder.  It can really ruin your day to have deep powder, but be hunting a missing a ski instead of getting fresh tracks.

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Cirquerider and Mike,

Thanks for the review and kind words. It looks like CA is having another Epic non-snow year so far, but the NE US is getting their fair share and then some. It might be time for you folks in the East to consider the value of having some powder cords... just sayin. :)

My Best to all,


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Today got up over 60 degrees with heavy rain.  This is a real snow-eater, and pow is not happenin'.  If it does, I'm ready.  

At least with Pow Tales, I don't look like a gaper standing in lift lines with powder cords dragging on non-pow days.

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I thought you were ahead of the climate change curve with your move to PA, at least until I read this last post. Tell you what though, if it doesn't start raining here in CA (and snowing) we'll all be moving cuz there won't be any water to drink. I'll pray for snow for you if you do the same for us.

Merry Christmas,


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The warm temperatures were temporary, and we've returned to a cold snowy pattern for now. 


California is in dire straits with the driest year ever on record for 2013 and no foreseeable end to the unprecedented high pressure anomaly that is causing it.  The storms ridging into Alaska are wrapping down the back-side of that high and bringing very cold weather to the central and eastern U.S.   Water restrictions and extremely reduced water allocations are inevitable, and I hope wet weather returns soon to avoid even worse damage.

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I have to say that this is a great product. When I lose a ski when crashing, it's usually tomahawking after a cliff drop in really deep snow. This usually leaves you with a BIG search path. I have my ski in my hand within 1-2 minutes, instead of the sometimes 15-30+ minutes before I bought these cords. I really love how easy it is to arm/disarm the cords - about as easy as switching out of walk mode for my boots.

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Thanks for the review. I do some back country skiing too, and post holing out for miles because you've lost a ski really isn't something I would want to do. Some of my buddies wear leashes instead of Pow Tales, and I sure hope they never end up in an avalanche scenario with those things strapped to their skis. Truly a recipe for disaster.

My Best,


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Pow Tales = Awesome!


As I prepare for the upcoming ski season here in Utah, my thoughts immediately go to the deep powder days.  The days where you don't want to spend time digging for a lost ski.


It only took 2 times searching for a lost ski on epic powder days before deciding to invest in some type of powder chords.  Both times I wasted almost an hour looking for my ski instead of enjoying the deep pow.  So after some research, I invested in some Pow Tales and have been very satisfied.  They are very easy to attach/detach, even with my gloves on.  But the best part is the time I have saved digging, searching, and getting frustrated after a tumble.  Very easy to find the bright orange chord in the snow.

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Need to Ski,

Thanks for your post and your review. It's great to see so many Bears using Pow Tales and glad they have them. BTW, if you haven't bought a set yet, this is the only place I offer a discount. All Epic members get 10% off on every set they buy. Just PM me and tell me how many you want and give me an email address. I'll do the rest.

Happy Thanksgiving All,


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