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Ski Pole Baskets

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I was skiing in Vail this past winter, and I saw these baskets on numerous poles which were handprint/footprint ones. So when one is to plant their ski, a little miniature footprint or handprint was left. I did find this amusing and wanted to grab a set for my poles!


I cannot find them anywhere, and kinda have begun to conclude that they are something from a local shop in the Vail area possibly?


Can anyone shed light on this?


Much love!

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Yesss, awesome!


Much love, rskornak

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Typical ski industry "pizazz sells". Its just not for me.

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Seems like a toddler thing.
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DrMcNastyStix, here is the hat you need to go with your new ski pole feet.redface.gif
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Aww c'mon guys!


I just want everyone to see my footprints

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