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bakery in whistler?

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We are off to whistler in february and i have a very important question.



Is there a real bakery that serve "real" bread (of quality that is better than supermarket bread)?



When we went last year we couln't find a bakery and i strongly believe that the quality of the bread makes the quality of the ski-lunch sandwitch!





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If you go to Nestor's right in the village across from the liquor store they have Terra Breads bread and some other artisan types. I would also call the restaurant at Nita Lake Lodge. They make amazing bread and sell it as far as I know.
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Try "Pure Bread". A newish bakery, with two locations. One just behind Market Place, on Olympic Plaza, and another down at Function Junction. Excellent bakery.

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cool thanks



i will do some google maps exploring tonigth to find them...

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