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Atomic M2 Tron XI

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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: M2 Tron XI
Ski Length: 162
Binding: Neox 412s (yellow)
Snow Conditions Used In: Spring Slush
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 7
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 3
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 15
Other Skis You Like: Atomic R11, SX:11 in 160-170
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 180

This is my first review so it mught suck. I will do another review once I use these skis in normal conditions. I had to go to Cranmore which has limited terrain, is small, and it was very warm.

The skis definately look funny because of the 127-76-115 11m shape and they are noticeably bigger, softer, and lighter then last years R models. The graphics and colors are ugly but that is not important.

I took a few runs just to get used to the sidecut and differences from my old R11s. They initiate turns very easily because the shovel is soft and large. When running flat on easy runouts the tips vibrate alot which is new for me as my other skis have been stiffer. The tails have a good upturn to them which helps when spinning around and skiing backwards if you do that sort of thing.

The skis seemed to hold GS turns well but I cannot comment on any speed limits as
I didn't want to drop the hammer on slush and wipeout with a bad knee.

Short turns are very fun and are way easier then R11s which require alot of speed, weight, or strength to really bend the ski.

The only run that was kind of difficult at Cranmore was a short black run that wasn't groomed and it had monster bumps with ridges, rocks, drops, trenches, and slush. It was the best run of the day. The skis bend alot easier then other stiff Atomics from last year so I think it makes them easier in bumps but the big dimensions might take some getting used to when skiing in a narrow stance.

The new Neox bindings do not have the variozone slider or a toe height adjustment. They have something that can move the binding slightly but it looks like alot of work for a small adjustment. I did not release once all day and I wiped in the bumps which is where I had issues with my old bindings. Overall the bindings seem like an improvement over last years models but there are alot of small gaos for snow and ice to get into and melt on the way home if you keep them inside your truck or car.

I demoed Salomon Hots last week in a 165 and the XIs are very similar only stiffer, have more sidecut, and better edge hold. The XIs seem to have pretty good float and only slightly got tossed in deep slush piles. In comparison last years R11s had OK float but the stiff tip and tail caused it to blast through and sometimes under anything. Again the conditions were not optimal to give a fair evaluation of the ski.

Overall I liked the XIs and once I ski in weather colder then 45 degrees I am sure I will love them. I think people who loved the stiffness of skis such as the SX:11 and R11 will enjoy the B5 better then the X or XIs.
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In spite of the conditions, did you like the M11 better or worse than the R11? Is it more or less forgiving? Is it more or less "fun?"
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More forgiving and more fun.

I can't wait to get it on some normal snow and then I think I can honestly say if I like it better then the R11s.
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