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A good, a new helmet thread.:popcorn

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I know theres plenty, but an interesting video nonetheless. (If i could get it to work...)
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Well the crashing footages starting at 2 minute mark are kinda fun to watch. biggrin.gif
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This video was produced by High Fives, which is a great organization.  They are a non profit that helps snow sports athletes with life altering injuries. 

One of the key contributors is our local POC, Tecnica Blizzard rep.

Ironically, they showed the movie prior to the Sherpa's movie in Truckee.  The Helmets Are cool movie was received well while the Sherpas movie was, Meh. 


For some reason I can't view the movie in the OP so I'm posting it again. 

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Cheers Trekchick, i was hoping somebody would save me from my feeble linking effort wink.gif
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