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East Coast Skiier Looking For 98-108 Ski

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I'm looking for a midfat ski for east coast skiing and the 4-5 west coast trips, I'm 5'11", 200 lbs, advanced intermidate, want a good carver, float and stability, I've been looking at the Rossy S3, my ski shop that I associate with is recommeding a 186, I'm thinking the 178, but I'm told they ski short, currently skiing the Fischer Motive 88 176, which I have no intention of replacing, just looking for something wider for midday and west coast, want to relax at times and play, my Fischer's carve and manuever so well that I rip ever run, any suggestion on skis or help with the size would be helpful.

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I can see the S3 for float but not for carve or stability especially at your size. The S3 in 178 would be absurdly short. A closer bet would be a Cochise for all three checkpoints but they are not playful. Problem is carve and stability don't usually come in a 'playful' ski. I'm curious if others can suggest a floaty, carving, stable, playful ski

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No, no, no.... don't get the S3 in 178.  I'm 5'11" 180 and the 178 was way too short.   The 186 S3 was fun for me as a soft snow ski, but it's not a good carver.  But you have the Motive 88 for firm snow, so maybe.  Will you bring both skis out west, or are you looking for one ski to travel with?

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Put the Rossi Soul7 on your list.

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Well my first trip is the middle of Dec, so I know I won't lose with my Fishers but would like to travel with just 1 pair, but really would like a ski to hold on edge in a mid-fat. I have heard nothing but great things about the Soul 7, just wasn't sure about it here on the east coast.

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Have you read up on putting together a quiver?   Here is a great (and long) thread the sums up the current thinking.  At least read SierraJIms's posts since I agree with him :)




SierraJim describes a two ski quiver this way:


  • Hard/Mixed...........85-90mm with a bit of a hard snow bias. These are just as good as a 98 in 6" of new and better when there is no new snow.


  • Mixed to Deep.......102-108mm with a bit of a soft snow bias. Better than a 98 in 12" of new and really good up to 24"


Sounds like you have the Hard/Mixed covered with Motive 88.  Now you need a mixed to deep ski.  The Soul 7 and the Nordica Vagabond are on the top of my demo list to fill this role for me.


But, if you are only going to travel with one ski, it's not your 102-108 ski since even out west the reality is powder days can be far between.  This is where lots of folks like the many 98mm ski as a compromise.  I'd say you might as well just travel with your 88 and demo a soft snow ski if you hit a storm.

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How about the Fischer Watea 106? Haven't skied them (yet, will try to in a few weeks time), but they get some great reviews (not many reviews at all, though). Despite the 106 mm underfoot and the great performance in soft snow and powder, they seem to have a solid edge hold and carving performance on hard pack as well. I am not sure about the length, though. Cases can be made for both 182 and 190.


I've found one complete review here: http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/2012-2013-fischer-watea-106 (note: the 2013/14 model is unchanged, save for the graphics - thank God). 


Maybe there's too big an overlap with your Motive 88. But given the soft snow performance of the Watea and the Fischer feel, they should complement each other nicely.

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Originally Posted by Castle Dave View Post

 a floaty, carving, stable, playful ski


+1 on the Rossi Soul 7

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I will now cue my broken old scratchy record:



Worth Magic.

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Originally Posted by epic View Post

Put the Rossi Soul7 on your list.



Originally Posted by Gunnerbob View Post


+1 on the Rossi Soul 7

+2 or is that 3? Much better carver than the S3.

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How about the Dynastar Cham 97 or 107? I have been on both and I must say they are excellent skis. 

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Did you find them "playful"?  I thought they were more damp and a bit on the heavy side....sadly I cannot verify because the day I was supposed to demo them, conditions conspired against me and I ended up with Mantras and Bonafides instead.  Needless to say, I was still happy with those!

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The Worth Magics should be at the very tippity top of your list my man!  




I skied them this past weekend on super frozen death ice over a pair of Kastle FX92s (I think?  92 waist with flattish tail?) and also skied them the weekend before in the 18" of blower.  Never once wished for another ski in either case, they truly are the swiss army knife of eastern skiing.  



*ridiculously agile in any snow conditions

*solid when you let them run

*allows any turn shape at any speed

*never EVER gets deflected

*floats beautifully in fresh

*carves surprisingly well due to camber and sidecut



Simply drive the tips and the rest follows, no matter what.  Whether you're slashing super fast turns in steep trees or laying out big on a groomer, just drive the tips and the rest will follow.  No.  Matter.  What.  I'm always surprised at just how easy to ski they are for something that has so much power and stability.  Most skis make you choose, this one does not.  

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Originally Posted by epic View Post

Put the Rossi Soul7 on your list.

This ^^^^. Do not get an S3. Too much overlap with what you've got, and a touch too squirmy for your size. You might think about a Nordica Patron, which is wider than your 108 limit but handles like a narrower ski (the converse of a ski like the BMX108, which is the right width but feels bigger). Cannot speak to the Magic, but it has been getting appreciative reviews. 

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Rossignol Experience 98? Good fat carver...Stiff so you can get the 180 cm and have plenty

Volkl Mantra? Good fat gs skis...incredible edge grip for east coast!


Both are plenty stable, have plenty of float for east coast and are pretty decent skis for heavier skiers... 

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