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Help needed please

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Just doing some research as to most suitable Ski mags to send PR to regarding the ski-mojo and possibly sounds like Ski and Skiing may fit the bill after reading above posts...


If anyone has any other suggestions we would really appreciate any help ... we have had lots of sales so far this early season to the States and they have all come through recommendation but it would be nice to get a bigger coverage....  unfortunately we don't have huge budgets for PR or marketing so approaching the right market is crucial.


Many thanks - we are hoping to come out in the spring for combined business/holiday....

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You might want to start with improving your sales/marketing skills.

What the hell is ski-mojo?
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Hello WC68 and thank you for your kind words....


Yes you are correct ; it is precisely why I have posted to find help with sales and marketing...


To answer your question " what the hell is a ski-mojo?"


or read some of the posts on here regarding the ski-mojo, for example,

As some of you may know, I've got dodgy knees, and have had for over 20 years now. For the last decade, I've kept skiing with a mixture of strong pain killers and hinged knee braces. Using these, I can manage about 3 consecutive days on the slopes before I need to take a day off to let the swelling and pain in my knees die down.
Not any more! Very Happy

About 4 years ago I heard of a new product called the ski mojo, that sounded like it might work for me. Unfortunately some of the early testers I spoke to had issues with it, so I avoided it. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I heard a new version of it was out, and that friends of mine in the US & UK were raving about it, so I got a pair before heading off to Italy last week.

I spent 5.5 days skiing harder and faster than I have ever done before. I took a coule of pain killers but that was for shoulder pain. At the end of each day, I'd do the final run top to bottom without stopping. Hitting rough/bumpy stuff was no problem as these things took the stress off my knees. When I wanted to, I could get my skis to angles I've not managed before and carve hard through turns, or just hold a tuck for as long as I wanted to.
By the end of the trip, my right knee felt like it had maybe done half a day's exercise, but apart from that, my legs felt fine.

So, that's it, I've found something that helps me ski without the pain in my knees. If you've got knee problems, they might be worth a look...



Hope that helps... any further questions will be happy to answer...

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Wasn't trying to be a jerk, but just pointing put that you were already assuming everyone knew what it was.

As far as which magazines would be best for marketing this, there really aren't many choices. You're on the right track with Ski and Skiing, but your getting a pretty late start for this season I wold think.

And of course you got a little free marketing here, which might have been your goal in the first place.
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So its this thing?


Ok, I'll bite. I had a pretty devastating knee injury close to 15 years ago, and the knee will never be right. Its full of scar tissue, it inflames really, really easily, and when it hits its limit it gives out with severe pain. Almost all days, my knee determines when I can't ski any more.


I ski with a brace that has a hinged joint, and it has worked very well for support and keeps me on the snow longer.


The spring loaded thing sounds fine in theory, but it takes force to compress that spring, yes? I'm hesitant to get on board with that as I've found that increasing resistance to flexing my knee just wears it out faster. I used to have a brace that maintained support through the knee by spring coils that ran up the side. It kept the knee stable, but wore me out quicker from the extra force.


Ski and Skiing are the US magazines that focus on resort skiing, which would probably be a better fit for your product.

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We are selling lots to the States but we don't currently advertise so all comes from word of mouth and recommendation ... and yes you are right again,,,,we have only ever promoted the ski-mojo to the UK market ( it is a British designed and manufactured product) so 99% of the skiing world are unaware of it.. hopefully that will change soon.

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Is there another competitive product? I've seen this or something similar before, but seem to remember some videos of the product in use, which I don't see on your website.
The only video I see is the assembly video, which is poorly lit and not very professional looking.
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Hi Anachronism...


To answer your concerns: you need to realise the ski-mojo is NOT a  brace. Rather than increasing resistance to the knee joint it off loads weight from it, making it easier to flex your knees. How it does this is by acting as a shock absorbing exo-skeleton.


With regard to the force; the springs are compressed by your bodyweight ( gravity) and support you as you bend your knees then the energy stored in the springs supports you again as you straighten them. The net effect is your legs and knees feel as if you have lost approx. one third of your weight. Also unlike a brace the ski-mojo does not inhibit any of your muscles but enables them all to operate under much lower load. You may want to look at the results from the university of Pedova on our medical page


There are lots of testimonials which you may find interesting both on our website and on the web in general.


Any other questions please ask.


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There is no other product like the ski-mojo; it is totally unique.


We are a small company based in the UK and unfortunately do not have big budges for advertising/marketing/PR and I again agree with you that the video is poor. We are currently updating the website.

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