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Warm wool insoles or just sports ones?

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Iv heard that insulted wool insoles are good to stay warm while skiing... but will this cause problems like tightness leading to pressure then leading to plantar fasciitis? What is the best thing to buy? Do you not need warm wool insoles really and instead good pair of warm skii boots instead and having just a a good pair of orthotics in them which dont need to be made for warmth? Any ideas? thank you so much guys! :) (going skiing soon never been before but im just scared of cold.. being cold usually wrecks everything as to cold to do anything)

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You touched on one thing...don't put anything in your boot that makes it "too" tight in there. That will restrict blood flow and make your feet cold!


I have good fitting boots and only wear thin Thorlos and the only time my toes (never my feet) get cold is in powder. Obviously everyone will have different experiences with their feet, but I think everyone will find that their feet are warmest when they are in good fitting boots.

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Super feet also makes an insole with a merino facing. They have slightly different fits I think. I'd suggest you take your boots somewhere and try they out and see what gives you the best fit. Ideally, with a good boot fitter.
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Thanks for your responses guys. After a bit of research Iv also found out that flimsy insoles like wool insoles are definitely not a good idea.. (need support that comes from a insole that is firm and study and doesn't fluctuate in support. Im going to get a cheap pair of sport orthotics but like you say boots are the main thing gonna see what good boots i can buy... One of my friends mentioned charcol or something like that i didn't really know what he meant by that?

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Depending on how your boots fit, you may need only the standard footbed that comes with them. My boots fit fine right out of the box after a little tinkering with the buckle system.

BTW, if you find cold feet debilitating, you might invest in chemical toe warmers. They're little envelopes that adhere to your socks and react to air exposure by getting warm. They're cheap and they work for hours, They're all I've ever needed to stay comfortable, and only on the very coldest ski days of the winter.

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