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Hulu Plus - Netflix - or...

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Phil and I cancelled cable over a year ago and have been using Apple TV for access to programs that we like to watch.  We've had access to Netflix and Hulu Plus with a spatter of things we like on each. 


Since Matchstick Productions movies have been showing up on Hulu Plus it got me wondering if there was a preferred choice of services for ski porn. 

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OMG, how on earth do you keep up with the Kardashians???  :eek

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I'm too busy keeping up with the Detroit Tigers. :D

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We watch cooking and home shows and "proven" series on Netflix. I hate most of the reality shows aside from SYTYCD and Amazing Race, and it seems it's mostly realty shows these days before the 9 MT time slot. I think I've got a Netflix queue in the 80's.
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We cut the cord too, and lean on Netflix and (regular) Hulu, BBC America, and a few others. Ski porn can be hard to come by.


If you go to and search Amazon Instant Video using skiing as the search term you'll find a bunch of ski vids sprinkled in. I haven't figured out what to search on to only show ski videos. If you have Prime many are free (no additional cost) to watch. You can filter search results  to show Prime Eligible vids only.


This one looks interesting...


Then again, might suck. One way to find out.  ;-)

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JC-Ski, Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't really looked at Amazon Prime, but that's another option I should check out. 



At the moment, I'm leaning toward Hulu Plus because I get this kind of results from a search.  


All great Matchstick Productions films to give us a ski porn fix. 

Link to the search (hope it works)

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Netflix streaming is really sparse for ski anything -  you'll find movies like The Other Side of the Mountain and Ski School 2  and Lindsey Vonn's little biopic, but very little else.    Maybe 6 titles with skiing in them if we count fluff like 'Chalet Girl'.

Hulu is MSP-centric, with a few other titles like One Mountain and Ski to the Max


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