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Suggestions for good value skis

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I'm hoping board members have some suggestions on skis.  Some background:


I'm a 43 old male skier, 5'5" and 192 lbs, with a history of shattered ACL's and Achilles, but still skiing.


I tend to ski at medium speed, from maybe 10am-3pm each ski day, for maybe 20-25 days a year, primarily in the Tahoe basin, at Northstar or Heavenly.


Generally stick to the groomed runs, mostly blues and the easier blacks, although if there is some fresh snow I might get a little adventuresome.


I'm the prototypical struggling upper intermediate, leery of deep powder and bumps, and after all that I've been through, I'm content with that.


A day of fast wide radius cruising is a happy day for me, and I'm looking for something that will pair well for that.


The last 9 years I've been on Atomic SX-7's in 170 length, which have the integrated Atomic bindings (I think 412's?) which have been functional, but are perhaps starting to either lose their springiness, or maybe I'm skiing better/faster.  In any case they feel a touch chattery to me now, on the mostly cementy snow I get in my region.


In prior years I've liked Volkl Supersports (can't remember if they were 4 or 5 stars) as well as Atomic Beta 9 carves, when I tried friends ski's out.  But I realize those are quite old models now.




I'm looking for some suggestions on skis that I can find on a budget, either here or on Craigslist/eBay.  


Ideally a few models from recent years (I don't need brand new) that might be good ones to look into.


We have to get the kids fresh gear, so I am budget constrained, and looking to spend less than $150.


If only due to limited space in the car, I'm a one ski in the quiver guy.  So I won't have the luxury of different lengths, widths etc.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Nordica avenger. Great value and skis well! If you can find a pair of last year's, they'll be a steal. Only the graphic has changed.
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Thanks I will keep my eyes open and do some research on that model

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Check out  the archive link on the right hand side.

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You might want to check these out...




There are other good deals on there as well - good place to poke around.



This is another solid online retailer...




( That Outland 75 looks interesting, and the price is right! )



Of course if you get to North Tahoe go see these guys...




You missed their recent ski swap, where there were apparently some very good deals to be had, but they may have something for you.

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Check out the Nordica Blems at The Start Haus. 

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Thank you everyone for those links -- I've got them opened up in some other browser windows.


I went to a college ski swap today, which seemed to be more dominated by local stores, and although there were some deals, it was mostly new gear at prices that didn't seem all that special, when everything was considered.  e.g. I saw the same pair of skis my wife got on release two years ago (which I admittedly shopped hard to get a good deal on them) for $50 more than what we paid.  I guess the best deals / consignments were picked off early by the club members, or early risers.  


At least the kids came home with brand new boots, hats and gloves -- so the morning was not wasted.

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