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2013 Gotama Length Recommendations

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I live in northern Japan where there is an abundance of champagne powder, however the resorts are not as big as North American places and are mostly below the tree line. I will ski mostly moderately tight trees with the Goats but will also take them all over the mountain. These skis will never see icy conditions and will almost always be in either packed powder, tracked powder or making freshies. I have a pair of 177cm 2006 AC4 Unlimited skis which I have been using as my one quiver ski but with all the powder here I thought it was worth moving into a wider all mountain/powder tool.

I am 45, expert level. 5'10" around 170lbs. Can't decide between 178 or 186. I still have my AC4s for charging the groomed runs so the Gotamas won't be my only option. Here in Japan moguls are made mostly by 160 cm skis so even 177 is a bit hectic. I was thinking of going with the shorter size because my weight is at the lower end already of the short ski and it will likely be easier to thread through the trees.

Being so much wider than the AC4s it seems like the shorter length would provide plenty of float compared to what I am used to... but I would really appreciate some advice before dropping the hammer on the 178s.

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Hi Flywalker,
Given that you are an expert skiier, already have your 177 AC4's for between storms, and are in Hokkaido, my reccomendation would be to go 186. I expect that a recent model pair of 186 Goats would have less running length than your AC4's anyway.

Personally, I would go even wider. The Goats are a good resort allrounder in Japan but you already have your narrow skis. Shiro perhaps if you are Volkl loyalist. I loved the Kuro when I demmoed a pair post storm at Niseko.

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Hi Craigr!

Sorry for the thread mix up...LOL!

Yes demoing would be a good idea. I am just snooping around for sales on last year's gear as bargains can be found. The Japanese love their new stuff. Still... with what you have said the Shiros look like they may be just what I need considering I have my AC4s for the rare hard packed days.

Rusutsu is sweet! It never sees the numbers that Niseko gets so if you know the mountain you can ski fresh lines int he trees even days after a big dump. You will love it!
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Is there much in the way of wider skis in Sapporo?
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Yeah pretty much anything. Plus there are tons of internet shopping options here.

Just came back from a local shop. They had both Volkls in stock. Yikes!... those Shiros are HUGE (0_o)

The guy in the shop said the Gots would be a better tree ski because of the width. That was confusing!
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decisions, decisons:D
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