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Jeff and the guys at

Shaggys are putting out a new pitch: Buy a pair of their "Colab" skis, get a ski pass. Nice deal.

Details as Jeff told us:

Shaggy's Copper Country Skis (SCC) has a special offer we wish more companies would promote...a free ski pass if you buy a pair of skis. Add a 15% discount to the price of their handmade skis (non-sale models), and you've got a deal. Their special-edition Tubby ski is available as part of the promotion. They just put most models on sale at between $399 and $469 for a limited time. Good deals abound. We reviewed two of their skis (Brockway and Tubby) a few seasons ago...built to last and a bargain at the sale prices.

You can get a Tubby in the following sizes:
188 cm: 145 mm – 119 mm -145 mm, radius = 23.5 m
178 cm: 142 mm – 117 mm -142 mm, radius = 21.5 m
168 cm: 139 mm – 114 mm -139 mm, radius = 20 m
"We just announced a partnership with Mount Bohemia in Michigan's Keweenaw peninsula (no grooming, no snowmaking, actual mountain) to produce a co-branded COLAB Tubby model. We are also very excited to be including free season passes to Mount Bohemia with 13/14 ski purchases (any model). I'm attaching the info and some pictures. More info at: SCC SKIS

Also we're offering 15% off in addition to the free season pass with code colabfall13 for the next two weeks."
- October 14, 2013