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Vail World Championships 2015

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I haven't even planned a 2014 trip yet, but was wondering what it's like doing a vacation at a resort during one of the big World Cup events, in this case, the World Championships? Fairly soon, ill,have enough marriott points to book 5 nights at the Ritz in BC, so I thought, that would be a cool time to use them, if I can. They very possibly will black those dates out. Not sure yet.

So does anyone have any insight on what it's like?
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I used to really enjoy the international ambiance at World Cup races. 


But, I would be worried that a lot of terrain at BC would be closed and that the security issues could cause a bit of a cluster#(*%.

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Yeah, that's what I'm trying to figure out,
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I'm wondering about this too. One one hand, I've been to the WC events at Beaver Creek, and it is NOT a draw. Hotels are not booked or expensive (it's also early December, so not prime season). I got a scorching deal at the Westin Riverfront last time. But, this is the world championships, and in February during prime season. Will there actually be more interest among Americans, more foreign media coming, some international tourists? Probably. But I bet if I book early it will be fine, even if more expensive than normal. Whether you'll be able to use your points, who knows.

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It's 15 mikes to Vail. If you can score a room at BC, why not? You can watch a few events and if you find skiing to be too disrupted by the race, head for Vail..

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security issues could cause a bit of a cluster#(*%

The viewing public doesn't deal with security now at the BC...I'm not sure if it's different for the world championships. But I've been to and skied at the Olympics without security being an issue--the only security even for the Olympics at Whistler was just entering the stands at the finish line. You could ski to certain points along the course and watch without any problems.

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