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I'll throw out some wildcards that I have experience with:


Scott Crusade (169cm) - no metal, last 2 seasons the construction was lightened and the flex softened.  Can be found for very cheap.

Atomic Crimson Ti (171cm) - metal, but forgiving flex that still holds on the groomers really well.  Also can be found for cheap.

Head Rev 85 Pro (170cm) - mighty easy in the bumps and can still hold its own on the rest of the mountain.  Also can be found cheap (although that's the 177cm).

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If we are getting into the 90mmish range, Scott The Ski. 

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Well if we're getting into Scott The Ski then we're getting into Stockli Stormrider 95.

That said, I still think Rev 85. And not just because I bought them and need others to validate my decision.
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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

So, @tball, I was getting ready to respond with my gentle counter-argument, but then I found that @Whiteroom had already done it for me, in the very thread that you reference, better than I could have done it myself. Of special note is the comment that "that there is [sic] almost always two proper length options, the shorter one isn't always better". This is more or less exactly what I was talking about above when I mentioned that I'd been flip-flopping for years between the 165 and 172 Dynastars, and is why I feel validated in saying that I want to experiment with upsizing my all-mountain ski from a mid-160s to a low-170s length.


Well, I don't even need to be gentle because I agree!   Yes, there are almost always two proper length options.  As I said above I went back and forth between the 170 and 177 Kendo depending on conditions.


Most of the 90ish skis in either the mid-160 or the low-170 size should work for you.  My concern for you is your criteria are contradictory, calling for both the shorter option for bumps and the longer option for chop-at-speed.


But that's OK, you just need to find a ski that threads the needle between the two, and you are shopping in the right department looking for a softer flexing low 170cm.  Finding that perfect ski without demoing is going to be tough though.

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

If we are getting into the 90mmish range, Scott The Ski. 


That idea occurred to me too, but Q's criteria was being able to find the ski as a last season model and find it cheap.  Unless you know something I don't, you're not going to find The Ski available right now.

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

Ahrummph! In all my years of (insert paragraph of biographical blah blah blah) I have never come across such a misinformed thread.  Why, you haven't even considered the implications of (insert another paragraph of more arcane blah blah blahs). "Self-deceiving" is too kind. Everyone's all wrong about everything. Everywhere. Endlessly. 



^^^ Love that.  In spite of beyond's warning I feel compelled to add to the wrongness and misinformation in this thread.


Here's an idea: how about one of the all mountain 90ish twin tips with full rocker?   They would allow you to go longer for your chop at speed, but they are still pretty good bump skis and some are even fairly stable at speed.


I'm thinking of the Volkl Bridge and Salomon Rocker2 in paticular.  They have both been around long enough to find cheap and are nice all mountain skis.


There is one other ski along these lines that is on my super secret demo list for this year.  I'm afraid to bring it up in present company, as It's like admitting I like Coors Light at the Great American Beer Festival.  And... I haven't skied it yet, but here goes:


Rossi Smash 7.  It's the little brother to the Sin 7 (replaces S3), which is the little brother to the much loved but little skied Soul 7.  It's a value priced ski that reportedly skis beyond its price point.  I've skied the S3 a lot, and while not a big fan I always thought a little narrower version would be a nice soft bump ski (soft applying to both the snow and the ski).  If they tamed the rocker a bit for this year, it might also be a nice carving ski, at least on softer snow... and you are on the east coast, so maybe not.  Just an idea.  I may just hate it when I demo it, but I'm going to give it a spin.

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[big snip]


... Volkl Bridge ... Salomon Rocker2 ... Rossi Smash 7 ... Sin 7


[big snip]



I would almost certainly love one of these skis, but I'm ahead of you, as I already have a playful 100mm near-twin like that. Even though it's a bit wider than some of these skis, it serves fundamentally the same purpose and characteristics - joy in bumps and trees on soft snow days; decent on groomers with a consistent surface; slightly scary in unfriendly mixed conditions at speed.


[Sidebar: Interesting that several of the hot skis this year are strutting their new-and-improved flatter and more robust tails. This is precisely the feature that sold me on the TSTs over the S3s a couple years ago, based on demos. Credit to Armada for being one of the early outfits to figure this out.]

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they already has a S3 with a better rocker profile it called the Scmitar.

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