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Salomon SX91 Size 335 Boots

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I can hear the groans now - & yes, I know I need new boots!

But my problem is really, really bad feet.  I will be forced into surgery within a few years.  Therefore, I am completely change averse between now & then.  I am a solid skier but recreational since knee surgery & 2 hip replacements - plus I'm old.

So here's what I need to keep going on my SX91s:

The thin black rubber/plastic protective heel part on the bottom of my boot is worn out - basically through the one of the screws so it can swing around.  I don't know the name of this part or if it is sized to each boot size.  I probably wore it out from walking.  Only one boot is this bad but the other is also pretty worn so I really need both left & right (if there's a difference).  I can't use duct tape!

Does anyone out there have access to this part or know where I can search?  I have not had much luck asking at ski shops.

Jeff from RTK are you out there?  Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!!

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the biggest issue is that Salomon stopped producing that boot in 1986/87 and parts were available for a further 6-7 years, at that point or possible a few years later any shop i know went to the tip with a pile of old SX spares.... the only thing that might help is to try and find a pair on e bay that have got the part you want not as badly worn as the ones you have, it is a long shot i know but unfortunately i think your only hope 

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Thanks Colin.  I have been looking on Ebay too but prefer not to buy a whole pair of boots.  Do you happen to know if my worn heel part is size specific or will any SX91 fit?

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it should fit all sizes (from what i can remember) but it was a very very very long time ago that i was dealing with there 

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I understand the preference not to buy an entire pair, but on the other hand there is the impossibility of success otherwise.  Your boots are thirty years old.  No one is going to be advertising parts for sale and I really think the shot on eBay is long as well.  I know in our area there are thrift stores that still have boots that old on the shelf and may be the same where you are.  Like Colin I dealt with these boots long ago, but I think you'll find parts are not size specific.



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There are numerous pairs of Salomon sx-91/81/71 boots on eBay at the moment or any time (search: Salomon sx) . Buy some spare boots and rob the parts as you will need them. As Lou said finding NOS toe and heel strikes for these will be tougher than finding new replacement bands for your ski tote or Allsop boot trees.
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Thank you Phil & Lou!

I will continue to search as I will not be skiing until February.

In the meantime, if you happen to get your hands on a pair, please shoot me an email!

Thanks so much,  Jane (aka geezeronboards)

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and odds are the parts new, are the same price as a whole boot now anyways...


if you DO decide to find a new boot, lots of new, good, boots that are also easy to get in/out of

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